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If you are using Toshiba appliances such as laptop, printer or TV, you may face come up with some issues at times. The problems in electronic equipment are very common. It is not a state of panic. These issues can be resolved with ease. There is no such complication. The electronic equipments do some with guide but that is more for the setup then the troubleshooting. Hence we have created a little support guide for you and your assistance. So if you see a error or any problem that is mentioned in the below list in your Toshiba electronic equipment, no need to worry or rush to experts always for the solutions. We got your back. These simple steps for few very common troubleshooting problems will help you get the results easily and you would save a lot of time and money too which you might have to pay as the service fee. Go through these steps carefully for your appliance and for the respective issue and get the outcomes.1.  Black Laptop Screen during startupToshiba computer support is always available for your all problems. Sometimes when you turn on the laptop or computer, you get stuck on a black screen or in other words getting locked in resume mode, sometimes it happens because your battery runs out of charge. You should not get panicked and start reinstalling windows again and risk losing all your data. Most of the times it can be solved through some simple methods. Yet if the issue is not resolved one can always connect with the Toshiba tech support. Few of those methods are:-Method One:- 1. First, check if the computer is connected to the main power.2.  Once your computer is on, hold your power button for ten seconds to switch it off completely. If the power button is not working, contact to the Toshiba technical support.3.  Press and hold backspace key until you see the Toshiba splash screen; release the backspace key after that. 4.  Start Windows normally will prompt up, use arrow keys to select start windows normally and press Enter. Your windows should start normally now. If it still not starting normally then follow the next method. Toshiba laptop support service will always assist you with any such issue.Method Two:-Toshiba support advice that before following this method you must make sure you are not holding the power button instead of the backspace key. If you still don’t have any display you may need to do a power reset.  To do that first of all makes sure the computer is completely switched off. You can do that by holding the power button down for about 10 seconds. Toshiba laptops support will help you in case your power button does not respond.1. If the main power cable is connected then remove it.2. You have to remove the battery too. To do that you can check the instructions about removing your batter in your user guide or else can take help from support Toshiba.3. Once the battery is removed, Plug the main power cable back in.4. Try to turn the computer on again by pressing the power button. You might need to hold the power button for few seconds. 5.  Select the Start Windows Normally option when prompted with the help of arrow keys and press enter. Now a window should load automatically. Connect with Toshiba technical support if this option does not prompts up.6. Shut down the windows once again and remove the power wire. Insert the battery back into the computer. You must make sure the computer is completely turned off.If you are still having problems with the screen even after trying all the methods and following each step carefully, you might have some hardware problems which can’t be solved easily. In that case, you must contact Toshiba customer care by either by going to the Toshiba service station or booking an online service request on their website.  The Toshiba tech support will access your computer; they will ask for product details to get an accurate solution as possible and will also ask for your product registration details. They will try to solve your problems and fast as possible. Many of us have stuck with that black screen and got frustrated but with these simple and common steps, there is a high chance that you will overcome the problems easily without the help of any professional technician and can save a ton of your precious time. Still contacting Toshiba technical support is advisory.The website is not affiliated with the official support services and only aims to act as a guide for the customers seeking support services. Also, the website connects you to an available third-party service provider through the toll-free number provided on the website. 2.  Blur Printing issueThe Printer can have a number of issues. Sometimes printers’ give blur printing which most of the times is either unreadable or too light to see properly. We recommend you to read each section in the given order to get the best solution possible. Or you can contact Toshiba satellite support. They are written accordingly to troubleshot errors in the most efficient manner as per provided by the Toshiba help.1. First is a paper issue.It’s the most common problems with printers. If you are using other papers instead of standard printing papers, there is a high chance you may see smudges, uneven and crooked text, sometimes and text even run off the paper. To make sure that’s not the issue; always try to use 8.5 x 11 sheets in your printer.  If your printer is working fine with the standard paper then there is a high chance that you might have a sizing or texture issue. If that’s not the case then feel free to move to the next section or dial up the Toshiba customer service phone number. If you are using special sizes of paper then it may be required to move the slider or feed the paper into the printer in a different manner. You can check your printer documentation for different steps on loading different size of papers. If you are confused, Toshiba customer support will help you. Some paper also has a different type of texture and patterns which cause ink react a bit different than traditional paper which can be the reason for smudging, streaks or lines to occur. So it’s a good idea to check the type of paper because some types of papers simply won’t work with the printers. And that can be checked on support Toshiba.2. Driver related problems.If strange characters or unreadable texts are printing then there is a high possibility that you might be experiencing a driver related issue. You should always download the latest driver available for your printers and install them. You can check that on Toshiba support drivers. You should also always download the drivers directly from the manufacturer website and not from anywhere else. There is a high chance that it might contain malware and even ransom wares causing your whole data being corrupted and might even cause permanent problems on your computer. Toshiba service center can help you with drivers.Sometimes printer print heads get dirty causing fuzzy, blurry or faint text. New printers are already equipped with the mode that can be run to check and clean the printer print head and other parts of the printer which is used in the printing process. You can get to nearest Toshiba service station to check the latest features. We recommend you to use this function if you are using your printer for a year or so. You can check your printer documentation on Toshiba help for the in-depth procedure on how to run a check and clean option.3. Ink or toner cartridge issue.You need to check the ink or toner level if you are using it for more than few months.  Toshiba support recommends you to be proactive. On modern printers, you can check these through software or by indicators given on the printers which keep you up to date with the level (check your manual for the further assistance or call on Toshiba number).  If you have been using the same cartridge for more than a year then it is highly recommended to replace them.If you are still getting blurry images even after following each and every step carefully then your printer might be having hardware related issue. Contact the Toshiba customer support in any way for help from their technical expertise to solve your problems so you can enjoy printing you memories and achievements.It is important to inform here that the website is only a medium to suggest the support options and is not affiliated in any sort of manner with the support service provided by the official Toshiba help support. The sole aim of the website is to act as a guide for those customers who seek help and are facing the troubleshooting problems related to their laptops. The website for your betterment does connect you with the available third-party service provider through the toll-free number which is mentioned on the website already. 3. The image is upside down of the printerThe issue is normal and can occur due to two reasons which are must to be checked. But still, in case of any confusion dial-up, Toshiba customer service phone number and a help will be served to you.First: Check whether the type of paper used by you is not accessible to printing in a specific orientation. There are different types of papers like tab paper, punch paper etc. If you have any doubt regarding papers and orientation you can speak to Toshiba customer service number.Solution: In cases, the orientation is subjected to change if the paper size and the image size are both the same but works under separate orientations. But, the print is observed to be upside down when the paper used is configured to a specific orientation which has not been adjusted in advance. Support Toshiba provides guides to perform such actions. For such cases, you must be aware that you are supposed to rotate the image minimum by 180 digresses before going through the process of printing. In case you are wondering where you can adjust this, just go to the main tab for the driver of the printer and you will easily be able to perform this change to the printer. A small change can save you from a lot of time consumption and again would provide you with the desired printing. Read Toshiba help for any assistance. Second: 2 sided prints works in a special binding and that position has to be correctly set.Solution: Staple position is the most important step. Be careful while choosing it. Toshiba tech support number can guide you further. Whenever we go to print the staple printing, we may observe that the desired printing is not received and every page we get is with an upside down printing. It solely depends on the staple position that has been set. It is an important instruction suggested by Toshiba satellite support. So one can change that to save a lot of time and paper and ease the process of printing. This setting too can be checked at the main tab in the driver section of the printer. Toshiba support drivers have manual to inform all essential features of the options available in the drivers. Just a few clicks and a bit of observation and the issue will be resolved. If still the issue is not resolved you may contact Toshiba technical support. It is not a major threat but can really frustrate a user. Hence you should make sure that you do check these steps. Even after this step to step assistance you have troubles, Toshiba service center would be more than happy o help you.The website only desires to act as a guide for the common issues which are faced while using few of the appliances and do not claim any affiliation with the official support service. The website connects users with the third party service providers through a toll-free number.4. Problems related to document filing in the printer.1. The issue with document filing.If the document filing is not occurring you may want to check the option of document filing first. Have you enabled it or is it still in disable mode. If you have troubles finding the opting try contacting Toshiba tech support for further assistance. Sometimes the functions are disabled by the administrator. You need to check that and change that immediately. User authentication is an issue that often restricts users to operate or use many several important functioned. Toshiba technical support cab guide you further. 2 The file data is not the printer.Once again this could be the issue due to the disabled functions problem. Administrator settings can cause a lot of trouble and hence must be regulated properly. Toshiba help has a proper guide to take you further. 3. Custom folder storage issue.Sometimes we may observe that the folder appears in folder information section rather than the custom space while printing. To resolve that, you must check get folder name which you can find on the same screen of the printer and further you can inform the driver to call the custom folder which has been created on the machine. For further queries feel free to dial Toshiba number. Sometimes you may observe that the custom folder is asking for some password. Machining configuration offer passwords and you need to enter same here and you will be able to access your custom folder with ease.The website is not affiliated with the official support services and only aims to act as a guide for the customers seeking support services. Also, the website connects you to an available third-party service provider through the toll-free number provided on the website. 5. Too many garbled characters are printing.The issue is not a major but yes that does not mean we should neglect it as it can hinder the quality of your printing and can mess up with your projects or important document printing process. So make sure you do check that the computer is not in an unstable position or even the machine should definitely be in the stable position. If you have any doubt Toshiba tech support will guide you how to check the stability. Solution to this problem is very simple. First of all, stop whatever you are printing. And then go ahead to restart the computer. Toshiba computer support is always available in case you have issues in retorting the PC. Then next, also restart the machine simultaneously. Now try to print and check whether the issue exists or not. If you observe any new problem contact Toshiba laptops support. Printing character is subjected to come as garbled even when we forget to update the memory. It is clearly suggested by Toshiba computer support that whenever the memory is full or available memory goes below the minimum level then this issue is very common. Free up some space and then try printing. You may be able to observe a better quality. Still confused? Toshiba help got your back.Guiding through the process of cancelation of the printing:If you are a windows operator simply double-click over the icon given in taskbar at the lower right segment. If you do not understand the icons try talking to Toshiba support number. Select option to cancel all documents and your printing will be stopped immediately. If you are someone who uses Macintosh, then open the printer list, click where the name of the printer appears, in case you do not know such details Toshiba help will support you. Once you have clicked on it you will be able to delete any action as per your wish. You can perform this action through the machine itself. Go on to finding job status and press it. As a next step tap the print, and the screen will be changed, you will see a stop or the delete icon, you need to immediately press that to stop any further printing. Toshiba satellite support is always there to guide you if you feel too many complications in the process. If the issue is still not resolved, you should definitely visit Toshiba service station for help and support. The aim of the website is to help the customers and troubleshoot their problems. There no such type of affiliation with the official support service provided by the company. Hence it must be kept in mind that the website only provides a helpful guidance and only intend to be a support to the troubleshooting issues which are very common. The website does connect the users with the third-party solutions for the same issues. This is done using the toll-free number which is always visible on the website.6.  Troubleshoot Picture Problem of TVWatching tv can be a bad experience if the picture quality is messed up. Although the Toshiba service center is always available with the assistance surely one can try to resolve this by oneself if the issue is in initial stages. Step 1:Connector cables: Check whether they are properly attached or if are loose. You can also choose to update them by replacing them with better high-quality cables. Toshiba phone number can suggest you better options. When you upgrade your cables the quality problem will be resolved immediately. IF not dial Toshiba support number immediately and register your problem. Step 2:Color Temperature: Many might not be familiar with this setting. In that case, it is advisory to take help from Toshiba help. Although it is not that much complicated. There are three color temperatures used by Toshiba to set various color tones, these three color temperatures are cool, medium and warm respectively. If we talk about them one by one, the warm color temperature produces red tones, the cool color temperature is set to produce the blue tones and the medium one is for the neutral tones. If you still do not know which tone you are watching,  Toshiba technical support will be more than happy to guide you. You can adjust it by yourself too. Simply click the video mode on screen and enter the setup where you will see advanced settings under the picture setting option. Using the up button and the down button you can now adjust the color temperature and can set whichever suits your eye. If you are confused how does this work Toshiba customer service number will guide you for a better result? The website is not affiliated with the official support services and only aims to act as a guide for the customers seeking support services. Also, the website connects you to an available third-party service provider through the toll-free number provided on the website. The website does not claim to be a part of any official help service. The website also provides the connection with the third party solution and the number of such solution is always available on the website.7.  Troubleshoot TV Power Problems.There are three simple steps that will help you to resolve this in minutes. Toshiba service center is always available to entertain you, but you can try for once all by yourself.Step 1: Change the outlet. The old outlet might have some issues. To confirm that you need to unplug it from the old outlet and plug it into the new one. In case you see your tv on, the old outlet might be faulty and the television is working the nice way. Step 2:Sometimes it may happen that the batteries inside your remote control are dead. So you may wish to change that too and try again if the television is working or not.Step 3:It is important to clear memory, tv if is not at all responding to your actions via remote then this step may help. In order to do so, you can take help from Toshiba number or can try to do it by yourself. Just hold the power button for five long seconds and then release it. The website is not in any manner associated with the official solution service provided by the Toshiba support staff. Here the website intent is clear to act as a guide for the users who are facing any sort of issue with their appliances. And the website connects its users with the third party solutions using the toll-free number which you can find on the website at any time. The Toshiba appliances have various troubleshooting problems and here we tried to provide solutions to most common ones for the laptop, printer and the TV. These issues are most common and often frustrate the user. It is always not necessary to go to the Toshiba service center for help. Sometimes you can take the charge all by yourself and follow these simple steps to resolve your problem. Although Toshiba service station will always be available to serve you for the better solutions. It is important to notice that one can call the helpline number of the Toshiba given on the website anytime to get any assistance.

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