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Idea of conservatism first emerged in the late
eighteenth century and early nineteenth century. Conservative arose as reaction
against growing pace of economic and political change, which was symbolized by
the French revolution. in resistance of liberalism, socialism and nationalism,
conservatism stood in defence increasingly embattled traditional social order.
In Europe conservatism emerged as starkly autocratic and reactionary, rejecting
out of hand any idea of reform. In UK a more cautions, flexible and more
successful form of conservatism developed and USA conservatism was
characterized as belief in ‘change in order to conserve’. In nineteenth century
this stance enabled conservatives to embrace the cause of social reform under
the banner of “One Nation”.  Which later as
a result of the emergence of the New Right. Now there are also Few Elements of
Conservatism as Following: Traditions, Pragmatism, Human Imperfections,
Organicism, hierarchy, Authority and Property which are the main theme of

Central theme of conservative “the desire to
conserve” is closely linked to traditions and respect for customs. Traditions
reflect the wisdom of past and have been tested by time and its should benefits
the next generations and traditions also promote stability and security and
give people sense of social belonging, conservative have traditionally
emphasized the limitations of human rationality. The world in which we live is
very complex and abstract principles and system of thoughts are therefore
distrusted, and faith is placed in experience history and above all
“pragmatism”. Actions are shaped by circumstance and practical goals and thus
conservatives describe this as “Attitude of mind” or an “approach to life”. The
Conservative view of human nature is broadly pessimistic. In their view human
are weak and always searching for security and they want to live in stable
communities. Human are also selfish and greedy and have thirst to power so it
is human who tend to corrupt not society. Therefore, there are strict laws.
Conservatives see society traditionally as living entity. Society is therefore
structured by natural necessity with various institutions contributing to the
stability of society. In conservative context gradations of social positions
and status are natural and they represent different responsibilities in
society. And for some degree, conservative believe that authority is always
“from Above” for example parent authority over child because people have less
knowledge and they are unable to act wisely. Conservative also see property
ownership as being vital because its give people security and measure of independent
government and it also encourage them to respect the law and property of other.
So according to all these themes conservatism is more related to traditions and
historical value along with some particle examples.      

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