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I am applying for Master’s in Public Health with specialization in Health Economics at your university. I have done bachelor in Economics with CGPA 3.26.  During the bachelor education, I studied over 215 ECTS of Economics. I have a very clear objective to excel in the field of economics and to pursue a professional career as an economist in different fields. During my bachelor education at the University of Gujrat,  I  awarded with the guard of honor by Chief Minister of Punjab in recognition of my excellent academic performance and also awarded by laptop under the Shahbaz Sharif  Youth Initiative (Government of Punjab).  I have given my services as a social worker to `Students’ Management Society, which organizes Student Advancement Fund  Endowment(SAFE) in collaboration with Higher Education Commission, that has objective to raise fund for the needy and meritorious students. Because of enthusiastic work, my name was placed on the honor board at the University Of Gujrat.The importance of English academic writing skills cannot be denied especially in writing a thesis for master degree or a research paper in a scientific journal. The language of instruction was English throughout my whole bachelor education as my university is placed in  World Higher Education Database. Moreover, I have also passed IELTS in January 2018 with 6.0 which has further sharped my English language skills.As a fulltime course is measured 3.0 Credit hours in my country which is equivalent to 7.5 ECTS in Sweden, I fulfill the program specific requirement with a great margin. My courses that I have studied are not only in accordance with my career goal but also with professional interest, prior knowledge, and market demand and this is one of the prime reason to apply for this program. Subjects, I studied in bachelor provide a good grounding in this discipline. I am most enthusiastic at the prospect and having raised to a much higher standard.I regularly read newspapers and economics publications to keep up-to-date with economic development and I am able to use my mathematics and analytical skills to apply different economics theories to a range of real-life economics situation. The challenge of education has always been a very important aspect of my life and I continually aim to achieve my potential in everything in which I participate. Throughout the past few years, I have progressed into self-motivated independent learner who enjoys embracing new ideas and concepts that I am introduced to. My learning technique is based on both organization and time management skills. Beside academic qualities, I have the ability to work in any environment to set deadlines. Controlling a team, assigning tasks and motivating them to achieve deadlines. Enthusiastic self-starter who contributes well to the team. I have analytical and problem-solving skills.Economic analysis is an important tool in deciding how to allocate scarce public health resource. Making the world a healthier place is one of the values that bring together all public health professionals. As the specialization in the health economics, is a problem-oriented approach such program and skills will remain relevant in long run and help me to understand and analyses key issues of the future health system, such as efficiency of health technologies, sustainability of health financing, and techniques to measure and influence the performance of health care system. This will enable me to understand the complexities of health care system both at macro and micro level and perform tasks in analysts, planning, financing and management of health technologies health care services and health system. This program will prepare me for career positions in both public and private sector including healthcare governance and financing at national and local career at different companies as well as education and research institutions.Because of my excellent academic record, my enthusiastic work, my skills other than academic activities, my English skills and my interest towards this program, allow my admission application to be selected.  By the end of my degree, I also expect to be more active and mature person, I shall certainly take advantage of all the various social and supporting opportunities which your university offers. 

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