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I don’t know how long it’s been since I got bored while cycling normally, but I wanted to just try something new, with no special reason.

To another subway slope I come to. I’m usually comfortable when it comes to rolling down with momentum. But it’s always a joy to take risks and try out new things. This slope looked longer than the one before, along with a slight curve coming down halfway. I was almost confident that there was barely anyone on the other lane.

But often you can’t see what’s on the other side of the curve, let alone a very long descend, about 150 feet from initial looks.Risks can mean big, and they are always a daring choice. But it’s often grudging to cycle safely, and you too, might also have this feeling occasionally when you want to play around with what you are doing. I stopped pedalling when I got within a few meters. Holding very tightly, the bike gradually gained momentum and speed.

Keeping my legs steady, I could feel my heartbeat escalating as fast as my bicycle. But it’s when I thought I was used to this feeling.The bike continued to gather speed and it was only then I thought it would be trouble. I’m not sure what took so long to think that way. At this point my legs couldn’t budge nor I wanted to move them at all.

Maybe I should have rethought about this, but it was too late to think about anything now, and better adapt than regret. All I could think of is to keep control and keep my feet on the pedals.Maybe I let go of my worries too soon when I thought there was nobody that will throw me off-guard behind the curve. I think I would have been more aware if the opposite track wasn’t empty. I definitely wouldn’t have played around if there wasn’t just me and my friends. I never had the best of luck, but it was as soon as the curve came into sight (It couldn’t be seen because of the bridge road which was covering the track further forth), two little boys and a woman tailed right past by the other direction.

The next few actions took place at 5 times quicker than reality. But out of that moment I still heard my friend calling out “Be careful!” One of my legs fell off the pedal and as soon as I tried to scramble my hands on the brakes, the bicycle tilted one way and my body fell sideways, followed by my legs and hands and head, but not before my ankle got scratched by the gear blade and five or six other cuts.

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