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I am Julia Ortiz, student of English Studies at theUniversity of Salamanca and in this presentation, I am going to give you anoverview of New York as a green city.To begin with, New York City’s Green InfrastructureProgram is a multiagency effort directed by the Department of EnvironmentalProtection.One of its initiatives is called ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION à Their Education Officeoffers students and teachers a large variety of freeschedules and resources aboutNew York City’s problems related to water, sound andnoise quality and climatechange.

I am going to highlight 2 oftheir programs:New YorkCity’s Water Story: From Mountain Top to Tap à Students investigate the NewYork City Supply System and find out how the water cycle influence in theirdaily life thanks to the creation of a new map.Students can situate places and landscape related totheir study of water; they can analyze and connect different features byexploring their physical and cultural characteristics and debate their role inour world.With this program, theDepartment of Environmental Protection tries to show students the water’sevolution in New York since past times, when people did not have water in theirhouse and they had to carry it, to nowadays, when people only have to turntheir tap and have it.2017 WaterResources Art & Poetry Contestà In 2017 took place the 31st annual edition of Water Resources Art &Poetry Contest. Second through twelfth-grade students should produce originalart or compose poetry that portrays an appreciation for our shared waterresources.It complements STEM learning as it connects featuresof water and theenvironment.

It is also associated with New York StateLearning Standards and NewYork City PerformanceStandards for elementary, middle and high school students.With this presentation, I havetried to give you an overview of the initiatives taken by the Department ofEnvironmental Protection, concretely called Environmental Education. Thisinitiative aims to raise awareness of water’s use since young ages.   

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