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I chose for website. Babycenter is a good
website expect for some little things. They are very well organized and there
is a lot of information on basically everything for pregnant women. It keeps
track of your period for you and tells you if anything goes wrong. I think that
is very helpful because you lose track of the days easily. Also can put in your
due date and if your period acts up it tells you about the new due date. There
is a baby checklist what consist of the registry of the baby. It has the
articles that consist of diapers, baby gear, breastfeeding and many more. This
could be  a huge help for a new parent to
be. Someone who doesn’t have a kid already might be scared and need a little
help and this site is perfect for them to get that help. There are some things
that I would change. When you first get on the website the advertisement could
be better. There could be a more unique picture of a baby and its family and
have more information at the beginning. 
There is things at the bottom from the community and doctors and i feel
they should remove them and put more helpful information in. New parents need
more tips on how this stuff goes then stuff from the community. The things the
the doctors post could be useful if the doctors are known. It shouldn’t be
someone who wants to post.  I want the
website to be more learning towards new parents. There are more new parents out
there that need help then parents who have 1 or more children. After having one
child they should be able to be better at the next. I have helped my cousin
look at websites to help her with her first child and there aren’t that many
out there that can help. There are a lot that go into less detail because they
think someone that has more kids are looking. Also adding quotes to the page
could make it stand out more than others. People see quotes and take them more
to heart then just information.

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