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will be completing an essay from “Of Cannibal” by Michel de Montaigne. I also
read “Ballgame that I will have to reference with the essay as well. “The
ancient Maya ballgame called pitz was part of Maya political, religious, and
social life. The ball court itself was a focal point of Maya cities and
symbolized the city’s wealth and power. The ballgame gave neighboring cities an
alternative to war for settling disputes.” For the tribe, this would be considering
a treat since their neighboring were considered enemies. I’ve never heard of
one human being eating another human being.

in “Of Cannibals” reverses the egocentric European belief in the superiority of
Western culture. Not simple, ignorant, and barbarous as some would insist,
cannibals live in harmony with nature, employ useful and virtuous skills, and
enjoy a perfect religious life and governmental system.” Montaigne noticed more
barbarous behavior among his close neighbors. Montaigne described the
ceremonies of the Tupinamba eating dead enemies as a matter of honor. He used
cultural relativism to the barbarianism. “Cultural relativism is the view that
moral or ethical systems, which vary from culture to culture, are all equally
valid and no one system is really “better” than any other.

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Maya wore protective equipment during the game. The passages made it seem as if
they were preparing for war. “Animals and skulls placed around the arena.”
Making it known you’re coming to live or die. One way in and one way out. Welcome
to the world of political power.  Montaigne’s age was different from the Maya. “He
found was one of adventure and exploration, and many travelers returned to
Europe with tales of strange and fascinating people elsewhere.” Montaigne may
have been excited to see more outside of his own beliefs and values.  He went on a French expedition to South
America during 1557. Montaigne returned to his home land with a few tribe
members. “Montaigne met one of these cannibals at Rouen in 1562 but also hired
a servant who had spent a dozen years living among them in their native land.”
This was different from what he was used to but he had an open mind to other

the end of the story, it explained the spiritual story of Maize Gods and the
Hero twins. “As the tale goes, the Maize Gods were avid ballplayers who were
killed and buried on the court by the Lords of Xibalba (the Underworld) for
bothering them with the noise of the game.” This is another area that could
change your perspective on human life. Lords of Xibalba was a demon from the
underworld. The daughter of the Maize Gods became pregnant without have sexual
contact and rebirth of her father and uncle. This would’ve been mined blowing.
He may have seen this a reincarnation.

In conclusion, there are
many different cultures that embraced different beliefs.  Who are we to judge their beliefs or lifestyle.
We are become a product of our environment and that’s who we become in the end.

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