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I read that NikolaTesla was born and raised in the Austrian Empire. He was a Serbian Americaninventor and engineer. Tesla’s father, Milutin Tesla was an Eastern Orthodoxpriest. His mother, Duka didn’t get a formal education. Tesla was the fourthchild out of five. He had three sisters and an older brother.  His older brother, Dane was killed in a horseriding accident when Tesla was five.  Hewas very intelligent and was put into advanced classes such as engineering andphysics.

 After he graduated high schoolhe moved back to Smiljan. He came down with cholera and was sick for ninemonths.  He was near death multiple times.  Tesla’s father was sad that he didn’t jointhe priesthood and instead studied science.

 When he moved to Budapest, Hungary to work at a telegraph company herealized that the company was under construction and was not functioning.  He moved to the United States and became acitizen and started working for a short time for Edison Machinery Company. Laterhe went on to work for himself.  Tesla startedworking on an arc lighting system and it may have been the same one that he hadgotten from Edison.              Tesla invented alternating current, the remote control,the tesla coil, violet ray, induction motor, three-phase electric power, neonlamp, wireless telegraphy, tesla valve and the vacuum variable capacitor.  Tesla made an induction motor that ran on analternating current.

It was a power system that quickly expanded throughoutEurope and the Unites States because of its high voltage transmission. Thatmotor was patented in May of 1888, and it was self-starting and did not need acommutator.  I also read that Teslaworked with Peck and Brown and the started working and testing the motor tomake sure it was functional. Another invention that I read about was the TeslaCoil.  The Tesla Coil transforms energyinto extremely high-voltage charges, making powerful electrical fields that arecapable of producing huge electrical arcs.  Tesla coils had very useful applications inwireless radio technology.  A Tesla coilis made of two parts, a primary coil and a secondary coil, each with its owncapacitor.

The two coils are connected by a spark gap, and the whole system ispowered by a high-energy source and transformer. I also read about the radioremote control. Tesla used a boat that had a coherer radio control, he showedit to the public and they thought it was genius. When Tesla tried to sell it tothe U.S. military as a radio controlled torpedo they didn’t think it was veryuseful and showed very little interest.

Later in the 1890s Tesla tried manythings to make a transmission of electrical power without wires. It had iscoils to transfer the power and he tried wireless lighting. I read that duringthe time that Tesla was trying out his different ideas there was no possible wayto transmit signals to long distances.             Later Tesla started working on and trying to develop theidea that he would be able to conduct electricity through the earth or theatmosphere and long distances, and so he began working again on ways to provehis theory.

 Later on I read that one dayTesla had been receiving signals that he thought were coming from anotherplanet, so he contacted a reporter and they said that he was receiving signalsfrom the planet Mars. I read that Tesla got awarded a Noble Prize in Physicsalong with Thomas Edison. I found out that he was the one who built the firsthydroelectric plant at Niagara Falls and proved to the world that that kind ofpower was a practical energy source. He also was experimenting with cryogenicengineering about half a century before it was invented.             Tesla had patents from over a hundred years ago that wereused for the development of the transistor. The transistor is what makes itpossible to refresh pages on the internet and to be able to download items. Teslahad received 700 patents.

Since Telsa was the first person to record radiowaves from space, he was known as the father of radio astronomy. I also readthat Tesla discovered the resonant frequency of the earth. It was not confirmeduntil 50 years later when they had the technology to prove it.

            Another fact that I found out the Tesla did was produce aball of lightning in his laboratory. A ball of lightning is when lightning isin the form of a sphere and it hovers a couple feet above the ground.             I read about how smart Tesla was, he spoke eightlanguages, Serbian, English, Czech, German, French, Hungarian, Italian, andLatin. He could memorize books and recite them, he could also think andvisualize ideas and then build them without drawing or writing anything down.Tesla lived to be 86, he decided not to date because he knew that it wouldinterfere with his work. Even though He was super smart and had developed al ofhis new inventions he was not rich and famous at the tie.

Tesla said that whenhe was truly happy was when he was in his lab. He died on January 7, 1943 aloneand broke in a New York hotel. I later read into things that most people wouldn’tknow about Nikola Tesla. I read that he was born during a lightning storm, andhis mother said that he will be a child of light.

            Later on I read that Tesla almost created and earthquakein Manhattan. While he was using his oscillator from his lab it set offvibrations that started to shake buildings nearby and even the ground. Teslacame to the conclusion that he was in danger of creating an earthquake so hedestroyed the device with a sledgehammer. The show Mythbusters tried torecreate the machine now called Tesla’s Earthquake Machine, and they could feelvibrations from hundreds of feet away.             There is a famous photo of Tesla sitting in a roomsurrounded by lightning bolts and it was used for publicity to make hisprojects and inventions known to all. Some people from that photo thought thathe a magician.  The photo has Teslasitting in a chair in his laboratory and there is a machine producing lightningbolts to a receiver.

 There are otherphotos of him holding to lightning spheres in his hand, those are the spheresthat no other scientist have yet to create but Tesla was able to.             I found that Tesla tried to make the earth light all thetime. He believed that there was a a certain gas in the earth’s atmosphere thatwas able to carry high electric currents, therefore creating it light all thetime. He said that it would make airports safer and it would light cities. Thistheory never worked.

I also read that Tesla and another inventor GuglielmoMarconi were in a race to see who could be the first one to send messagesacross the Atlantic Ocean. Tesla started funding where most of it was comingfrom his financier J.P. Morgan, so that he could build a station on Long Islandwith a 186 foot tower. That station was called the Wardenclyffe.

Marconi beatTesla by sending the letter “s” across the Atlantic Ocean with less equipment.Tesla’s financier, J.P. Morgan was not interested in his project anymore sincehe lost.             Wardenclyffe was not being used anymore since Tesla gaveup his hope for sending messages across the Atlantic Ocean. The building wasunder campaign to make it into a museum and science education center. It’s notopen yet but people are allowed in for special events.             I also read about Tesla’s physical appearance.

He was 6feet 2 inches. He was elegant and very stylish; he had good grooming and goodclothing. Tesla never had good sleeping habits, that most he slept in a nightwas 2 hours. He admitted that every so often he would doze and he would be betterrested. He loved playing chess and cards so he would often spend more than 48hours playing games. Other times he would spend more than 84 hours without restworking in his laboratory.             I read about Tesla’s beliefs. He did not believe thatatoms were composed of smaller particles and that there was no such thing thatan electron could create and electric charge.

 He thought that if electrons existed they wouldbe a part of a fourth state of matter, or a sub atom that would only exist in avacuum. Tesla was raised and Orthodox Christian, but later in life he did notbelieve in it, he thought it was nonsense. He said “Buddhism and Christianityare the greatest religions both in number of disciples and in importance”.

  He believed that the universe was a greatmachine that never came into being and will never end. He thought the soul orspirit is the sum of our bodies functioning, and when the body dies so does thespirit.             The last thing I read about was literary works. Tesla wrotemany books, and for magazines, articles, and journals.

A couple books that hewrote were My Inventions, The Autobiography og Nikola Tesla, and The FantasticInventions of Nikola Tesla. All of his books were about his life and how hiswork affected his life. He also had all of his inventions in his books, how hemade them and what they did. 

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