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Home Loans application/sanction procedure is lengthy & Tiresome,

takes in an average between 45 – 60days to get a loan sanctioned. 1

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Transparency in Reasons for Rejecting Home Loan Application. Prolonged Delay in
Taking Sanction Decision. Non-Refund of Processing Fee.2

to communicate Change in the terms & conditions especially with respect to
Interest Rates changes, this is the reason why MCLR was introduced removing the
base rate system.25

home loan often requires payment of various fees, such as loan origination or
processing charges, administrative charges, documentation, late payment,
changing the loan tenure, switching to different loan package during the loan
tenure, restructuring of loan, changing from fixed to floating interest rate
loan and vice versa, legal fee, technical inspection fee, recurring annual
service fee, document retrieval charges and pre-payment charges, if someone
wants to prepay the loan. Many of these fees are negotiable / can be waived
also. (Ghosh)3

60 years of automation improvements, the biggest problem mortgage companies
report with respect to their operations is incomplete or problematic loan
documentation (Morgan)24

Applicant’s Home Loan Eligibility: The amount that Banks don’t give becomes
applicant own contribution for a home. Naturally, All Home Loan Applicant want
the highest Loan amount. Loan Agents then promise up to 90% of property cost
& and the sanctioned amount is actually upto 80% from most banks. The
difference of 15% is 15 lakhs (USD 23,505) for 1 Crore (USD 156,700) house. It
is difficult for most applicants to gather lakhs of rupees in a short time (Ghosh)26

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Ryan Evans in Realtor. July 2017

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3 Souvik
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