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I am writing to you toapply for the Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering in which I have dreamtof doing master’s for the last three and a half years.  My aim is to gain sound knowledge aboutElectrical Power System and automation and being able to solve real lifeproblems in a pragmatic way and then implement my knowledge in practicalfields.  I believe Aalto University isthe perfect place to fulfil my goal.

Right from my highschool I have wanted to become an electrical engineer. At first it was becauseof the influence of the electrical engineers within my family and society. Igrew up in an engineering atmosphere as my father is an engineer. But later I realizedmyself that this is the area where I am particularly comfortable at and Ishould, therefore study electrical engineering. During the years of schooling, Ialways scored well in Physics and Mathematics consistently. I started my Bachelorof Science in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at American InternationalUniversity-Bangladesh in the year of 2010. I was introduced to the great sphere electrical engineering.

I wastaught several fundamental courses that gave me comprehensive knowledge in eachof the fields of electrical and electronic engineering.After studying the basicsof electrical engineering, I learntabout the electrical machines, electricalpower transmission and distribution. This is the time when I decided that Iwould pursue my master’s degree in electrical engineering. In the course “PowerSystem Analysis” I learn a lot about how a power system works and the factsthat keep the system stable. Getting to know about various faults of powersystem and its instability in “Power System Analysis” course made my decision todo masters in electrical engineering firmer.

During the course “Power SystemProtection”, I came to know about various protection components of power systemand a brief discussion about how to design a power system. I have properknowledge of digital electronics, optoelectronics, analog and digital signalprocessing and control system.I believe myperformance in these subjects was up to the mark and my grades will agree onthis. During my sophomore year, I volunteered my seniors to do their undergraduatethesis on “Smart Grid”. Although my group thesis was on “Microcontroller basedwireless heartbeat measurement system”, my area of interest was always powersystem.

I also participated in extracurricular activities during my universitydays. I used to motivate prospective students to study engineering. I alsoparticipated in distributing clothes among the helpless during the winterseason.My Cumulative GradePoint Average (CGPA) is 3.

59 out of 4.00. After my graduation I worked for a PowerGeneration Company and I was doing my job in a power plant during its constructionperiod. I also visited Ghorashal Thermal Power Plant, Ashuganj Power CompanyLimited, the two of the biggest power stations in Bangladesh and KarnaphuliHydroelectric power plant. I found out by talking to the engineers in thosepower plants that there was plenty of room for improvementto raise theefficiency of each power plants.

I am sure a master’s degree from youruniversity will prepare me to be a skilled engineer so that I can make acontribution towards the development of the power sector in Bangladesh. Aalto University isone of the top universities in the world. It has the best electricalengineering department in the whole Finland.

Studying in Aalto will bless mewith a lot of opportunities as its course match my area of interests. AsFinland is the best country for students and it has a very high living standardwith a great social values, I am very eager to study automation and electricalengineering in Finland, especially in your university.I am one hundredpercent determined to complete my master’s degree with ahuge devotion if I am given chance.  Ilook forward to your positive response. 

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