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am writing to Prefer Nanomaterials as interested Area of research which Appeals
to me.

would like to work on Nanotherapeutics and biopharmaceuticals by coupling
nanoparticles. The Effectiveness of Biopharmaceuticals can be increased by
coupling them with nanoparticles and my primary objective of selecting
nanomaterials is they can be used in the treatment of deadly diseases like
Cancer. These biopharmaceuticals are peptides that trigger multiple reactions
in our body, coupling them with nanomaterials, which will proficiently deliver
the peptides at the tumour site without causing damage to any other adjacent
tissues and organs in patient’s body.

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precisely Chosen the nanoparticles due to its secondary objective in cancer
research because most of the times the drug delivery system fails to work
efficiently due to particles size in drug delivery system they are large enough
takes time to absorb by cells, and insoluble, leading to tissue damage
eventually. On the Other hand, Nanoparticles which are very tiny in size
(3-200nm) so these can be applied as a replacement to drug delivery systems due
to their submicronised particles.

are several types of nanoparticles used as drug delivery systems some of them
are polymeric nanoparticles, micelles, lipids, carbon nanotube materials and
magnetic nanoparticles.

want to extensively work on carbon nanotubes materials which carry and deliver
vaccine at the site to prevent the growth of tumour cells. I believe in
Prevention is better than cure.

addition to nanomaterials, I would like to work on Spectroscopy the other area
of research which I’m interested

Spectroscopy I’ll be going to study the determination of concentration and
identifying functional groups in the mixture of compounds using Infrared spectroscopy
by applying Beer-Lambert’s law. But calculating molecular weight by IR
spectroscopy is a tough job under special circumstances only we can calculate
Molecular weight by IR spectra

can be solved using the conventional method like partial least square method
.the fundamentals for this method are taught by my statistics i.e. mathematics
professor .with this interest I want to solve this determination of molecular
weight using IR. Further, it’s not possible to identify the peaks of IR that it’s
whether the pure compound or mixture of several compounds. a typical example is
the mixture of paraffins and alcohols will give same IR spectra.

believe I would learn valuable skills, experience and knowledge in your internship
to the support of publications and events and other priorities in the field of
Nanomaterials, spectroscopy in near future.


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