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 I believe the colonies of Virginia, Rhode
Island, and Pennsylvania were the settlements that made the most significant
contributions to North America. In Virginia,
the social and economic difficulties were lesser than in England. Tobacco
farming became the main source of wealth, and there was a need to clear more
land and not enough workers. Virginia’s leaders attracted colonists to work by
offering inexpensive land and promised “Rights of Englishmen” (supposed
traditional rights of citizens of England).This
way Virginia facilitated an influx of outstanding workforce and assured
economic materialism. Eventually prosperous planters dominated the social and
political life in the colony.In
1634, this colony also became the first to have a free public school in
Island was another influential colony. It was catalogued as
a sanctuary for religious freedom and many groups settled here due to this. The colony was very advanced in terms of
autonomy and liberty for the time; it passed laws abolishing incarceration for
debt, eliminated witchcraft
prosecutions, stopped most capital penalties and, in 1652, the slavery of
blacks and whites. Same as today for many immigrants that come to America,  Rhode Island
Colony was founded by those who
wanted to escape the religious intolerance and political oppression in the
first world.  Pennsylvania’s colonial government was well organized and characterized
by democracy. It consisted of an appointed Governor, a 72-member Provincial
Council, and a large General Assembly. The region comprised 5 counties, in
addition to the three lower counties on Delaware Bay. Pennsylvania was also
celebrated by its religious freedom. The founders were Quakers, who were a group that believed that the presence of God
was found within people rather than in churches, stressing the importance of a
direct relationship with God at an individual level. Since they were pacifists,
they also believed in the fair treatment of the native people. Pennsylvania was also significant for his
public school. The early settlers demonstrated that a church, oaths, and
intricate dogmas weren’t needed to have a successful society and to thrive


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