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I chose to do my web
review on an article on the website www.  The website presented an article regarding
parent involvement with their children and its impact on education.  The fact that children spend more than half
their waking hours in school gives merit as to why this article is important
and proof of the benefits to all involved, parents, children, teachers and
schools.   One of the points that stand out in this
article are the benefits for the children when the parents are more
involved.  The study performed by
Henderson and Berla substantiated the belief that children whose parents are
more involved tend to have better self-esteem, test scores improve, attendance
improves and they are more self-disciplined.  

The benefits of parental involvement are seen
not only in students, but in parents, and teachers also.  A parent who is more involved in their child
education benefits in a number of ways. 
One example is that their interaction with their children becomes more positive
rather than negative, the use of more affection occurs as a positive
reinforcement rather than more punishment. 
Another positive aspect is that the parents gain more knowledge of child
development, they can monitor the development and recognize what may be more
challenging for their children, hence addressing it according.  Parents are more likely to help in their
child’s learning, by understanding the teachers position and the school’s
curriculum which in turn benefits the teachers and schools. A trio that would
definitely have a positive on a child’s education.

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All in all, I think that it is common sense
that most children who grow up in a stable environment and with more parent
involvement would potentially be more apt to do better in school.  Children that are in a compromised
environment and less parental involvement must typically fend for themselves,
teach themselves and this can lead to the child potentially struggling with
behavior and learning capabilities.   I
think more parent involvement is detrimental to ensure that each child can
develop academically and socially in a positive way.  Working together is a key factor to make sure
that every child has a fair, no matter what circumstances they face,
opportunity to reach their full potential.  

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