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I once used to boast of the purity and cleanliness of villages of Punjab. The beauty of the villages was admired by many, bringing a serene joy in the eyes of the beholder. The scenario has changed now. Seeking economic prosperity has lead people to thrive for profits, ignoring the environmental factor. The once prosperous and green Punjab now has cities ranked in the most polluted list.

Near the end of the fourth semester at college, I met a person named Jatinder from a nearby town who was known regionally for planting saplings. He invited me to be a part of the group and shared the knowledge about the problems our environment faced. For many years, I was the shy student sitting in the corner, the one for whom talking to others was difficult.  But the passion I saw in him, the passion to serve the society, made me accept the invitation, Since then, I gained not only a close friend, but perhaps found a group of people sharing the same conviction as me, preservation of environment.

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Within a year of being a part of the group, we had planted trees in almost 20 nearby villages. The satiation of contributing to the community made me yearn for the chance to expand our purpose. The time to venture out of the comfort zone had come. For the first few months I, along with Jatinder, started planning for expansion of the cause. We started the organization named Green Aid. By fortuitous research, I learned about the role other organizations were playing in the same field.  After some contact, it came to me that we could decrease the cost of plantation absolutely to zero by the help of Department of Forestry and Public works department. I constantly introduced myself to strangers and kept on meeting people who were ready to help us in the funding of the project. No only we were able to plant thousand of saplings afterwards, but were also able to lend a hand to the poor and socially excluded. We started channelizing the donations to the poor who can’t afford the healthcare, daughter’s marriage and education. I have not looked back since. I am planning to commence another program named Adopt a Child, where a person will help to support the education of a children thus bringing peace with prosperity.

By commencing and contributing to the community organizations, I forged myself into a proactive leader as I learned to overcome the hurdles in the process. Currently, I am highly involved in community service thus trying to bring a change in the society. Jatinder taught me the value of a nourished community. As for him, all the wealth is of no use if it is not put into work for the uplift the society. The experiences with Green Aid inflicted me with a sense of responsibility and made me understand the true meaning of the word Generous. It is the one who is ready to give what one possess for the shared benefit. I have gained trust in myself to face challenging times because I would have never dreamt of achieving the satiation and achievements that community service has blessed me. I wish to leave an enduring legacy to the world for the sustainability and collective good through my endeavors.


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