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I fell in love with her. She was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. She was a smart, elegant, subtle, composed, and spirited girl that everybody wanted to be around. She, however, did not talk to anyone, only a selected few who had both the qualities and the true confidence to talk to her. Of course, I did not dare to speak to her; I would die before doing so. I only watched her in silence from far away. Every night, I used to see her pictures on Facebook, imagining a nice, charming conversation between us. But one day, my mother did a breathtaking move; she told the girl that I wanted to propose to her. And she said yes! Oh, God! She said yes!

It took me some time to comprehend the amount of joy and excitement that I felt. Nonetheless, the realization of the obstacles ahead abruptly brought me back down to earth; the girl lived 500 kilometers away from my home; she lived among people who were totally strange to me; she had a substantially different mentality, background, and way of living. Should I conquer my fear and go for her? Or would I be then driven by my emotions? That was truly an unprecedented conflict in my life. I asked my friends; they told me I shouldn’t even think twice before going to her. I asked my parents; they said they would support me in whatever I choose.  So, I made up my mind. I never ran away. I went for her.

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Although it was painful to make that decision, I forgot it all when I saw her angelic face. We sat together, talked for hours, and I was never happier in my life. But later on, I found it hard to go along with her family; they were strange to me, and I was strange to them. Living in her city was also unfamiliar and uncomfortable for me. As for she, I couldn’t understand her sometimes. I spent entire months writing her love letters, giving her presents, and hanging out with her, but all of that didn’t make her happy. She said I was “carrying water in a sieve.” We stopped talking for a while and almost broke up. I missed my family, my bed, and my friends, and started thinking about quitting it all.

Quitting? Really? But why did I start from the beginning? Wasn’t it all about my love for her? Wasn’t it all about being a better person? No, definitely not, I never quit. Once again, I decided not to run away, but to change; I started being a gentleman instead of acting like one. I went to her family, opened up to them, and talked with them in an amiable voice. We laughed together, and we turned out to share many more things than we thought. I also began to listen to her, understand her, and talk to her. It was so much easier to get to her heart, not by love letters or by presents, but by meaningful words, selfless actions, and true untouchable feelings.

To me, a conflict is nothing but a chance to prove how patient, how persistent, and how resilient I can be. If I had quitted, If I hadn’t changed, I would have lost one of the greatest gifts in my life. Because the girl was the reason I could achieve so many accomplishments. The girl was the reason I could make lifelong friends. The girl was the best thing ever happened to me. The girl was my Boarding High STEM School.

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