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I did a presentation on Howard goodall. He is a choral composer for musical theatre pieces, television shows, and choral themes. He had also done a choral and musical piece together. He is a british composer and was born at Bromley a city in the United Kingdom. His earliest musical theatre piece was in 1984 with the name of The Hired Man. He loved both popular and classic music, doesn’t matter if it was “high or low” end music.

He believed that you need to be fully willing to bare the worst in everyone. He entailed that people won’t always favor your work or necessarily like it. He included in an article that his friend, a former musical composer had been beaten up by security police in Apartheid South Africa. He called this as “suffering” and said this was an extremely worst case scenario. Don’t be snooty or snobby when around interviewers and being willing to take extreme opportunities was his advice. Patience was one of his big things when being in the music industry. Many musical composers, singers, djs, percussionists are british and come to the americas to show their work.

With him being british, he definitely decides to show his pride and honor for the british and loves the beatles for not only their music, but for their ethnicity. Howard goodall does many different “job” type titles, one of them does include choral music composer, but there are others including; actor, screenwriter, presenter, and film score composer.  He will present his personal view of musical evolution, eschewing traditional categories of Baroque, Classical and Romantic for chronological ‘ages’: the Age of Discovery, the Age of Invention, the Age of Elegance & Sensibility, the Age of Tragedy, the Age of Rebellion and the Popular Age. Produced by Tiger Aspect, the series will also feature appearances from violinist Nicola Benedetti, singers Noah Stewart, Meeta Raval and Nathan Vale, and the Maria Fidelis Convent School Gospel Choir.

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