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I believe that I am a
suitable candidate for this role as I have a passion for working in childcare
as well as the creative arts, which will be beneficial for the role of
playworker. I have previously worked as a teaching assistant in a school with a
range of different ages of children, supervised during clubs, lunchtimes and
playtimes as well as in the classroom. Through these experiences, I have gained
a lot of skills in working with children and creating a safe, fun learning


I have recently completed
a Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production which I believe will be very
beneficial towards the role of playworker as I have a lot of creative ideas for
activities which can be implemented during club activities. I am also a very
enthusiastic person, I am up for anything and will get stuck in when it comes
to playing and teaching games with children.

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During my role as a
Teaching Assistant at St Paul’s Way Trust School, I was part of the lunchtime
supervisors, where I had to make sure they are eating sensibly, play
indoor/outdoor games with them and are always where they are supposed to be. I
also supported children during class lessons and playtimes, making sure that
children are behaving in the playground, sorting out any problems and playing
games with them.


Most of my role was to
assist children in the classroom. I supervised the children in the playground,
assisted them with any help they needed and supported SEN children with any
difficulties and ensured that the children were in a safe, happy and fun
learning environment. I think that because of my experience, I am able to
successfully follow through the job description for playworker at Walker

I have gained an
Emergency Life Assistant Training certificate which is a very important skill
to have when working in a childcare environment.


In the future, I would
like to gain a creative degree so that I can go onto teaching children in
schools. I believe that an opportunity like this role as a playworker will
enable me to learn more skills and expertise to implement in my future career.

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