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I am strong believer in continuous learning and
improving, both professionally and personally. With this thought in mind, I
want to get my formal graduate education after gaining valuable experience of 2
years as mechanical site engineering working in planning and commercial
department of LODHA Group, India’s No. 1 Real Estate Developer, in Industrial
engineering Master of Science program at ASU School of Computing, Informatics,
and Decision Systems Engineering, Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, Arizona
State University. Attaining a Master of Science degree in Industrial
Engineering is next step in my professional development process. This goal is
fueled by my collective experience and academic background in mechanical

My father is professor of mathematics for class 11th
& 12th  and my mother
teaches science to students in high school. This environment of science and
mathematics have encouraged and motivated me to pursue career in engineering. I
was always interested in proving myself beyond stated curriculum and I used to
take many different exams beyond my stated curriculum and secured scholarship
during my 4th standard and 7th standard. Sterling
performance in my school exams like 10th -100% and 12th –
91.17% helped me getting into one of the premium colleges like Sardar Patel
College of Engineering, Mumbai (SPCE). SPCE acted as a spring board to get into
professional life and develop my career as an engineer. The exhaustive nature
of courses and the comparative grading system has implanted a desire of giving
my best and the versatility of courses helped me to grasp many different things
in a short time span.

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I am the person who give a hard though before taking
decision and when I take one I give my 100% toward achieving my goals. During
my engineering I learned various subjects related to industrial and operations
like Manufacturing
planning and control, Numerical computations, Industrial
engineering and project management, Industrial finance and enterprise resources
planning. I have developed keen interest in these subjects which can be
evident by my scores which are always more than 9 out of 10. These subjects
helped me in realizing the importance of efficient decision making. Based on
this interest, I decided to shape my career in industrial engineering related
job which I am doing now and enjoying thoroughly. To strengthen my concepts for
Industrial and operations I am planning to take courses to specialize in
Operations Research which will help me to apply my knowledge in proper way.

Other core courses like
Design of machine elements, Computational fluid dynamics, Theory of machines
and vibrations have helped me obtain a very good understanding of mechanical engineering.
undergraduate degree project was on the topic “NUMERICAL ANALYSIS OF VORTEX INDUCED VIBRATIONS IN 2-D CYLINDER”. I
studied of various flow patterns developing around the cylinder when it is in
liquid stream. I was more interested in the computational part of the study. For
the optimization of the vortex induced vibrations which are being created
around the cylinder, I studied the passive control methods. Out of many passive
control devices like splitter plate, slits, helical strake and shrouds, I
carried out simulations on cylinder by attaching splitter plate to the cylinder.
I calculated drag coefficient by changing values of various parameters like Reynold’s
No, length and width of splitter plate. For the simulation purpose I used ANSYS
Fluent. Beyond technical skills, I learnt how to design experiment, manage time
and resources. I also learnt crucial skill of planning whole project for a
year. Once I knew what I wanted to work on, I recognized various sub-steps I
needed to work on by brainstorming things with my advisor and graduate students
which had more knowledge than me. I have identified crucial and time consuming
step of simulations on ANSYS FLUENT. This step was crucial because I have to
get hours on the college lab to use the license of the software because my mesh
size of bigger and the simulation could not be run on student version of the
software. I got knack of planning by this practical implementation of the
theoretical knowledge which I got from my course in manufacturing planning and
control. This was the first time I learnt how to use my engineering knowledge
to application oriented things.

I am working with organization Lodha Developers, one of the most reputed
developers in India. I am working on the project The World Towers which is one
of the very unique high rise buildings in India. I am working for two
departments planning and commercial. I am setting the targets for the
contractors for the planning department. As a part of commercial team after
identifying contractor, I am one point contact for them.  I am looking after material and manpower
allocation. This process is giving me frontend experience of managing the
smooth workflow which is of prime importance in industrial engineering. For
planning purpose I also look after inventory management. I have to identify if
there is anything which will be required in future which will affect project’s
progress by accessing the risk to identify right time to order. For finalizing
the vendor I compare the prices and technical specifications for the material.
I act as a medium between vendor and client till the end to smoothen the



My research on MS courses in universities
in United States reveals that the course content of at ASU will best suit my
unique learning needs and are coupled with its dedicated teaching and research
oriented faculty will give me sound knowledge in industrial engineering.
Through the courses on Analysis
of Decision Processes by Pitu Mirchandani, Applied Deterministic Operations
Research Models by Professor Adolfo Escobedo, Design of Experiments by professor
Douglas Montgomery and Urban Operations Research by Jorge Sefair, I would gain
in-depth knowledge on making decision in complex environment by using
statistical tools. To further my career development in Logistics and Supply
Chain Management, I would like to get involved in teaching and research
activities of Professor Esma Gel.

ASU has convinced me that it is the
finest and most apt place for my career development in the path that I have
envisioned for myself.

I appreciate the efforts graduate
admission committee puts in meticulously sort out the candidates which rightly
fits the unique opportunity ASU must provide. I shall be pleased if the
graduate admissions committee considers me eligible for the Masters of Science
and Engineering at Arizona State University.

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