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I visited the Los Angeles County Museum of Art earlier in January because a friend of mine works there and gave me a couple free guests passes to visit for Christmas. Approaching the entrance, you’ll see a giant boulder and an underpass with people taking pictures and standing directly underneath it! The boulder belongs to Michael Heizer’s “Levitated Mass” artwork and it is a sight to see. It is composed of diorite, concrete, and granite, and weighs 340 tons standing at 21.5 feet! Although this piece is open to the public, it is still one of my favorite art pieces. A few reasons why: this rock was found in the Nevada desert and traveled through 22 cities. It traveled through two local cities (Long Beach and Wilmington) to its destination, LACMA. A 105-mile trip which took 11 days, departing Tuesday, February 28th 2012 and arriving Saturday, March 10th 2012. The truck went a maximum of 7 MPH to safely transport the rock. The boulder is a show stopper and many tourists come see it while visiting LACMA. While I was there, I overheard a tourist from Virginia talk about his experience at LACMA and how he saved the boulder for last. He said he loves the beauty of the Grand Canyon and he was in awe at the sight of the massive boulder! I heard many children and older folks say the same, it was nice to see tourists taking pictures of it. After the boulder, I went inside LACMA and presented my ticket. It was loud, given it was during the weekend, I heard all types of voices and children screaming. I was given a map which contained a list of all the new exhibits. I was immediately drawn to the “Pintado in México, 1700–1790” exhibit. My parents are from México and this exhibit made me want to learn more about my culture. As I walked in, I read that most of the paintings were found in churches and in remote locations in México. The structure of the whole exhibit reminded me of old cathedral churches in México. The lighting was dim but bright enough to read the captions and admire the art.The paintings with the gold picture frames captivated me such as the Virgin Mary painted by José de Ibarra. It was a beautiful piece of artwork with gold accent trimmings on the Virgins cloak. There were many people there admiring the beauty of the art, so I couldn’t really read about it. Although there were many tourists, there were also many people like me there as well. It was somewhat quiet, but you can hear people talking at a respectable level. There was a staff woman who was leading a group of people through the exhibit and mentioned the exhibit is their first real effort to recover the history of 18th-century paintings of México. I was shocked to hear and so were a few others. The whole exhibit had 7 sections all of which were beautifully different in their own ways. The paint on the wall varied from dark colors to bright colors with gold picture frames. It was an awesome trip, I learned a lot from just paintings. If only they tried sooner enough, they probably could have found more paintings.

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