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I scanned down the list of the available checkboxes. Where is the one that describes me? I couldn’t find it. I looked again. It is the 21st century and I know there are lots of people like me, so why isn’t there a checkbox for us? It would be simple, really! Just add a checkbox under the race or ethnicity that says “all of the above” and a checkbox under citizenship that says “world.” But it seems that the checkbox haven’t caught up in reality, so I found it incumbent upon me to add some explanations in order to describe the meaning of a global citizen. Ever since I was a little, I have been exposed to the colorful world full of people with different cultures and backgrounds. Even an environment as tiny as my home is filled with varieties of ethnicities and I had always questioned the reasons behind these differences.  I mean, we are all citizens of the world, am I right? So why does our race and cultures have to differentiate us?
A “citizen” is simply referred to be a person who lives in a particular place while “global” is defined as an involvement of the entire world. If these two words are put together, it generates an elucidation of a person who places their identity with a “global community” above their identity as a citizen of a particular nation or place. Just like every other citizenship, being a global citizen always comes with rights and responsibilities. To obtain out rights, we are pushed beyond our boundaries to fulfill our responsibility as John D. Rockefeller famously said “Every right implies a responsibility”. Not abandoning our true ethnicities, our citizenship in the world acquired us to participate in many global phenomena, such as climate changes, social stratification, environment alteration, and even basic progression in the diversity of the world’s culture. As a global citizen, we are responsible to include ourselves in discovering solutions that solve global problems, promoting friendly relations between cultures, and reserving the world’s most important histories and values. This could incorporate leaving behind just for while our discrepancy in the stake for a better world. 
Now as you can see,  if we as global citizens of goodwill can work together and radiate the intrinsic goodness of humankind, the ultimate purpose and goal of the world can be easily achieved.

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