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I chose the country Afghanistan to travel to for these reasons. One reason is that they are an independent state, but they had to fight three wars with Britain to get there. Another reason would be to see the Salang Pass, which was the highest tunnel in the world until 1973.

One more reason I traveled there is because of their geographical area. Afghanistan is also a landlocked country, which means that they are only surrounded by seas that are closed or enclosed by land. Afghanistan is located within South Asia, and Central Asia.

Afghanistan is made up of high plateaus, and deserts. They also have a lot of mountains, which would be a good place to go hiking because they are built up of mountain terrain. I traveled here because of their climate to. Where we live our climate changes, but where they live it is mostly dry with only a little rainfall.

It also gets really cold in the winter. In Afghanistan only 85% of women have education. To go with that one idea or belief that I would want to bring to them would be to let the women get the same amount of education that men get just like us. Another one is to be able to pick who you are going to marry, and when you are ready to get married. In Afghanistan most of the marriages are forced, and some are under the age of 16 and under 87.

Another reason is that only some women that can work still have to struggle because the economy there is weak. So if they can work they still can’t afford helpers so they are forced to stay home and take care of their family. Not every women is allowed to work, and some of them don’t even have the rights that we do. An idea that I can bring that goes with this is equal rights.

If men work more than women, and have more opportunities in a job force it is not equal rights. Especially if they get paid more than the women. In our country we have the belief that everyone should have equal rights no matter what race, or gender they are. In Afghanistan the students in grades four through six get a computer that they can bring home so that they can continue their lessons when they get home. This will help with their learning ability. This is one idea that I would like to bring back to the United States.

Most teenagers in Afghanistan help to support their family and have jobs. This is an idea that I would like to bring back because most teenagers in the United States have in our mind set that we think that our parents should just take care of us, and that we don’t have to do anything. Another thing is that in their country is that they don’t go on their phones like we do, they spend time working. This is an idea that I would definitely want to bring back because we spend more time on our phones then paying attention to the world around us.

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