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I, Kiran Hassan
Khan, hereby refer to the idea that will support me for applying at EIT
Digital Master School. To begin with, my elder brother (Electronic Engineer) helped
my earlier interest in the field of Electronics by getting me involved in some
of the interesting projects for our home. Following his footsteps, in January
2014, I began my “Bachelors of Engineering” in Electronics from NED University
of Engineering & Technology located in Karachi and ranked in the top 10
universities of Pakistan. During my studies, I became familiar with the procedure
of developing the algorithm and arranging the components based on required
output. Adapting the method of trial and error in
learning outside of my formal academic studies, I joined the Khosish Foundation Research Lab as an
intern in the semester break of Third-year and worked on Digital Logic
Designing through Field Programmable
Gate Array. It was at that point I realized that,


“A key to success is being able to quickly get
innovative ideas prototyped.”

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I found that FPGA technology offers flexibility and rapid
prototyping capabilities. I can test an idea or concept and verify it in
hardware without going through the long fabrication process of custom ASIC
design. I worked on implementation of an ALU with the objective of developing
appropriate algorithm with an efficient utilization of the available hardware. I
simulated and synthesized the various parameters of ALU by using Verilog on
Xilinx ISE 9.2i and SPARTAN 3E FPGA board. . Speed, power and utilization of
ALU are the efficiency measures of this algorithm.

When I started the research program, I was already
experienced with programming, logic and circuit design, in spite of that I
found hardware description language confusing. The worry that strikes me is the
unavailability of experts and professionals to guide students at the graduate
level in order to realize their ideas. There is lack of awareness about the
semiconductor design and opportunities in the VLSI design. Therefore, I took an
initiative of online teaching (tutorial videos) which can bring awareness among
the student engineers and it will boost the entrepreneurship in the long run. One
of the video titled “Binary Division
using booths algorithm in Xilinx Verilog” got 2.6K views, as there is no
built-in division operation in Xilinx. Most of the engineers have the feasible
ideas, so this initiative can be helpful engineers at early entrepreneur stage
for validation of idea on the FPGA platform. Let there should be research and
innovation in the VLSI design and I am dedicating myself to the various fields
in “VLSI” like Programmable Logic Devices, Hardware Descriptive
Languages, Design tools, Embedded Systems etc.



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