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I gained the proclivity for coding as a high school student, through the NIIT IT Wizard program. It enabled me to understand how digital technologies govern our everyday activities. Gradually, this interest led me to choose computer science as the undergraduate major. My desire to apply theory to practice led me to explore several avenues. Attending the IISC’s competitive summer school helped receive immersive learning of advanced concepts in computer science and myriad possibilities that analytics offer to solve complex problems. Working on projects of different dimensions together with a thorough understanding of analytics has cemented my passion and motivated me to investigate the field further. My present training has equipped me to build reports and dashboards with QlikSense, which is only the first level in the analytics hierarchy. In the short term, I desire to take up advanced roles that involve data extraction, analysis, and data visualization. To achieve this, I need the specialized training in information systems with a focus on analytics combined with management and strategic business application skills that the Smith’s MSIS offers. Also, working together with peers drawn from varied backgrounds, faculty and industry leaders present at Smith will allow me to hone my outlook exponentially. After graduation, I plan to seek the role of consultant in analytics division of Big Four consulting firms, where I can work on data strategies and its tactical execution while working closely with business and technology groups in diverse domains. The skills, the network, and industry experience that Smith School provides will help me achieve my long-term goal of becoming an entrepreneur in the digital marketing technology space. My current project on developing an application that allows decision making on the go is only one such idea. Smith’s strong emphasis on entrepreneurial training will ensure fruition of such ideas and more.

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