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I am an undergraduate in Computer Science from Vignana Bharathi Institute of Technology,Gathkesar. I intend to pursue MS in Computer Science specializing in Database Design,Development and Management and Data Communications and Networking Programs. Inrelation to these areas I did my projects. In the following lines I present my credentials topursue MS.DIGITAL WATERMARKING:Digital Watermarking is a robust and efficient digital image watermarking algorithm using FastHadamard Transform is proposed for the copy right protection of digital images. This algorithmcan be embed or hide an entire image or pattern as a watermark such as a company's logo ortrademark into the original image. The performance of the proposed algorithm is evaluatedusing the Stirmark, which consists of 90 different types of image attacks. Results show that theproposed algorithm is very robust and can survive most of the Stirmark attacks.NETWORK MANAGEMENT TOOL:A computer network can be defined as a collection of autonomous computer interconnectedwith each other. In order to save time we need a special tool for handling networkmanagement so we created Network Management Tool. This is a tool that gives the systeminformation which are present in the network and displays the software remotely .This is animportant tool which retrieves overall information from the client system. Retrieve andDeployment methods are available to achieve this. The retrieve method fetches informationfrom the client system. The information consists of system description, network descriptionand device description. The Deployment method allows us to install an application or softwarein the other computers which are in the network. By using this tool we can allot the requiredsoftware for all the systems with in a short period of time. The Network Management Toolhelps in having an overview of the services and performances of the computer.MANAGEMENT TALENT:Apart from my technical abilities I have a flair for management and organizing events andfestivals. I participated in a couple of national level fests and won the title of Young Manager.The selection was based on various skills like group discussion, technical skills, and personalskills. Using this as a platform I could showcase my leadership talents and overcome myinhibitions and fears of facing large group of people and also my stage fear. This also instilledthe important ability of encouraging people around me based on their interests and aptitude.MUSICAL TALENT:I love any thing in nature which is rhythmic and goes with a beat. I am in my churches’ Choirsince childhood. I am a part of the sopranos and have also learnt to play the piano. During mygraduate program I intend to participate in all the musical activities of Alabama University ifgiven an opportunity.UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA:I am interested in joining this university because of the efficient and experienced faculty. I wasimpressed and encouraged by the Dean’s message where he mentions about the researchfacilities that are available for students at University of South Alabama. Also the infrastructureand the availability of placements seem to be good and thus I feel I will be able to hone myskills in South Alabama University. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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