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I am a final year engineering student belonging to a financially backward family. I’ve been learning mostly technical development skills from youtube lecture series and blogs. As my parents earn around 300$ per month and provide me with a allowance of roughly 75$ per month for my accomodation and fooding, it is really difficult for them to support me financially to pursue a nanodegree on Udacity and moreover I have taken a student study loan with a high interest rate of 13.5% which have a toll on my parents economic condition and being a student I have no earning of my own and therefore it is difficult to save from my allowance as expenditure in India is more than per person income, therefore making it difficult for students like me to reach their real potential and making their parents and teachers proud. I think this nanodegree would really help me to increase my skills and make me good enough to pursue a career as an “full stack web developer”.Briefly my academic career has been focused on Computer Science Engineering and I have consistently maintained a CGPA of 8.61/10.00 in my university. I have also successfully balanced my academic interest with my technical volunteering activities at Google Developer Groups and Microsoft Developer Community in India and other communities.I promise that I will abide by the Udacity code of conduct and complete all my quizzes and assignment honestly and work hard to receive good grades and overcome the barrier of being poor if I am provided with the scholarship by Udacity in partnership with Google. Previously I was provided financial aid by Coursera to complete their Java Specialisation which I completed with >99% score in all of the constituent courses(5/5).I believe the more and more I learn I’ll become more efficient, and this scholarship will be a gateway to provide me with that, so that I can have my own startup in the future and solve problems faced by my fellow Indians which can only be done with my perseverance and drive to continuously accomplishing, which have and will lead me in the path to success. 

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