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I went to the
FIU Music Series at The Wertheim on November 27, 2017, to watch the String
Chamber Ensembles. These talented students of the FIU School of Music string
ensembles are coached by the American String Quartet, violinists Robert
Davidovici and Marcia Littley, and FIU’s Ensemble-in-Residence.They performed
various masterpieces from the chamber music repertoire. I was impressed by how
they were playing and how all the instruments came into unison. One song
composed was “Sonata #1 for Violin and Piano in D major, opus 12” by Ludwig van

The music is
performed at a fast pace or tempo as directed with the word allegro con brio.
For this song, Helen Hauser played the violin and Louise Hutchison played the
piano. The song is in sonata form and has 3 movements. The sonatas could be
difficult to understand for some people. “Being lost in a forest” is a
phrase used to describe how it feels to listen to them.

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 The first movement of Sonata #1 has a kind of
offbeat accents that could affect the shifts. 
I could see that Ludvig van Beethoven changes one of the sections to F
major. The second movement is a flattering theme in A major with four different
variations. The piano leads the first variation, and the violin leads the
second. The third variation is in the parallel minor with utterly unexpected
turbulence. And the final variation stresses syncopation. Now, the final
movement is a powerful Rondo blasted through with disrupted cadences and
explosive accents. Beethoven brings back the harmonic development of the first
movement and provides two fake endings. Many people criticized these three
pieces for their unusual style. This piece lasted about a good 20 minutes and
it was worth it.

 Another song composed was “String Quartet No.2
in F Major, Op.92” by Sergei Prokofiev. This song has a tempo of Allegro
Sostenuto. Izak Kertznus performed the song playing the flute and Bianca
Tavares playing the violin. Also, Sarah Bossa playing the viola and Elisha
Martin playing the bass. Prokofiev used Kabardino-Balkar folk themes in his
string quartet while still using his style. The echoing of percussions identified
the style of folk music.

The first
movement gets started with a folk dance, then a violin came and sung the folk
song. The other members played the accordion in mimicry while that was going
along. The movement continued into a lot of syncopation. The second movement
uses a love song that was announced during which one of the instruments were
playing.  Also, the background accompaniment
tries to imitate a Caucasian stringed instrument. The third movement opens rich
and varied. It is based on an energetic mountain dance. Two interludes are
followed by an agitated development that is
started by a cello cadenza. A recapitulation of themes from two preceding
movements. This string quartet lasted for about 25 minutes. The interesting
part is that Prokofiev was told by a government official to write a quartet
using Karbardino-Balkar folk themes, and this is the string quartet that
resulted in variations in themes and folk dances.

 Another song composed was “String Trio in E
Flat Major, Op.3 “by  Ludwig van
Beethoven. The song has a tempo of Allegro con brio.  José Luis Reyes performed the song playing
the violin, Francesca Rossi playing the viola and Sada Walkiria Adam Morales
playing the cello. There are six movements in total for this piece. The first
movement is the most interesting out of the entire Trio. The song has a texture
that is scattered to a performance between a violin and cello. The second movement
is an exchange with three instruments that each play equally a four-note part.
It gives the melody part of the movement. The first Minuet is short while the
second Minuet is more expansive. The final movement is in Rondo form. The
concert overall was very interesting. The musicians played their instruments
very well. I liked it a lot. All the audience were into it. The musicians were spot-on. They sounded like they put so
many hours in to perfect their craft. I was so glad that I didn’t waste my time.
I was happy that I did go and learn so many new things. To actually hear all
the instruments, play and how they blended in so good was amazing.

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