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“I am neither especially clever nor
especially gifted. I am only very, very curious” – Albert Einstein

phrase portraits me very well. Curiosity has always been part of my nature,
along with an appetite for creative and challenging endeavours; fond of
abstract thinking when fused with inner desire always helped me to achieve
perfection in whatever I have pursued. As I read somewhere, Intelligence:
not because you think you know everything without questioning, but rather
because you question everything you think you know. So, beginning from
my childhood, I was very curious about everything; each and every innovative
thing tried to amaze me, filled my mind with lots of questions and always tried
to explore the answers desperately. From the age of 12, I frequently
accompanied my uncle who is a civil engineer during vacations for his site
visits and very fascinated by the projects surrounded by me and the curiosity
to know more inspired me to opt for Civil Engineering.

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a consistent performer during my high school I was always among top 5% in the
class and also had active participation in extracurricular activities.
Considering my performance and leadership skills, I was chosen as a Head Boy of
the institution. Mathematics and Science always sought my attention making me
good in analytical thinking and logical reasoning which is a quintessential
trait for an engineer. It was because of the innovation & creativity
contained in the field of Civil Engineering, made me to opt for it as an undergraduate
engineering branch.

During my under graduation, my curriculum made me to study a
spectrum of subjects’ Geotechnical Engineering, Structure Analysis,
Construction Planning & Management, 
RCC & Steel Structures, Transportation Engineering, Environmental
Engineering, Building Design & Drawing, Concrete Technology, Engineering
Hydrology, Solid Waste Management etc which made me familiarize with
different areas and possibilities of civil engineering.

Considering my excellent performance in
academics and 95% attendance in the first 2 years, I was awarded with
scholarship for the remaining engineering program & I got the opportunity
to undergo two separate practical trainings under the State Government of Chhattisgarh in which I received in-depth
practical knowledge which enhanced my theoretical concepts in a whole different
way. I was included in a special practical training program based on merit list
of several colleges in our state in which I represented civil engineering
department of my university.

first phase of practical training was under “Public Works Department (P.W.D.) – Raipur”, in which I was a part
of the project – “International Hockey Stadium Raipur”. I explored the designs
of different types of foundations and was exposed to the detailed analysis of
structure using softwares like SAP2000, Revit Architecture & STAAD.Pro
which enhanced my concepts in Foundation Engineering. The installation of the
blue Astroturf for the playground was the most exciting part of the training in
which I was the team leader among the trainees. In such a massive project, our
team of engineers carried out estimation of cost and quantity of materials,
tools, equipments, labours etc required to complete the project.

second phase of industrial training was under “Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA)”, in which I got exposure
to the planning methodology of a planned city. In various building projects, I
took upon the task of performing a study of materials testing obtained for mix
design and design of reinforced concrete structures. This experience improved
my practical skills and increased my overall confidence in Quality Assurance
& Quality Control activities. Also I had the opportunity to visit various
sites and learn about surveying. In addition, I got introduce with the various
aspects of Construction Engineering and Management by interacting with the
engineers involved with futuristic activities which inspired and reinforced my
decision to pursue my graduate study in this field.


my summer vocational training under Asia’s largest Steel Plant “Bhilai Steel Plant, Steel Authority of
India”, I gained vast knowledge of building materials, steel structures,
modern construction methods & management and the use of modern equipments.
I also learnt the use of concrete batching plant, tower cranes in this site,
how to ensure safe and efficient construction and the steps to improve ground
stability like rock bolting and guniting etc. This project gave me the insight
of the progress and development taken place in civil engineering over a decade
which firmed my decision for graduate studies in Construction Management.

of my immense interest in new and innovative techniques, I opted for “Passive
Solar Home Design” as my final academic project. In a group of 4, we
investigated the potentials of the use of Passive Solar Design strategies in
existing low-rise residential buildings in the context of energy-efficient
building design and carried out case study by passive solar design tools.
Impressed by our work in the project, ITM University provided my project group,
the opportunity to implement the Passive Design in construction of Guest House
in the campus in the final semester.

was awarded the Gold Medal in
Convocation Ceremony after scoring 88.89%
(7111 out of 8000 marks) for being the topper of the Engineering Batch
2012-2016. I feel completely satisfied with my decision to choose engineering
as my career option as it has revealed the most pragmatic and down-to-earth
approach to tackling human problems to me. My enthusiasm coupled with scope for
innovations and opportunities available in the field of Civil Engineering has
motivated me to opt for higher studies and contribute to the field through
meaningful research.

in “Construction Management” will
help me to develop comprehensive knowledge in particular interest areas of
mine: Innovative Construction Techniques, Planning & Designing, Estimating,
Scheduling, and Project Controls involving PERT, CPM, WBS, etc. Along with
these I now wanted to explore about Advance Building Management, Computer
Applications in CM, Safety management, Land development etc. to furnish my mind
to think and perform with a good university like you in USA. It is my firm
belief that if the principles of construction management are extended in construction
industry, it would result in an overall profitable, economical, safer,
qualitative & speedy construction. I want to see myself as a remarkable
contributor in the construction industry, which would be for the betterment of
the society. Keeping in view my background and career plans, I would prefer a
research assistantship but I would also like to have teaching experience. I
have studied in English medium through out and have had teaching experience in
my university, which makes me confident that I would be a successful teaching

undergraduate studies has burgeoned my interest in research. A graduate program
from your University would help me in increasing my technical understanding of
the subject and in widening my perspective of life. I wish to acquire practical
information and knowledge about the most modern techniques in construction
field and apply them for the betterment. The well-designed course along with
highly qualified and experienced faculty will be an ideal environment & platform
for achieving my goals. I look upon the graduate program in your department
& its curriculum as an avenue to hone my skills and enhance my intellectual
ability. I believe my hard work, determination, dedication; curiosity and great
research potential will help me to develop cutting edge technologies which will
prove a link to next level of engineering era.

I thank you for
considering my application & assure you that if given an opportunity; I
shall bring credit to your institution.

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