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I am glad to propose Mr. Asheesh Tripathi who is applying for the MS-Electrical Engineering with specialization in Information Science and System at your esteemed university. As his professor and Guardian faculty member, I have known Asheesh for 3 years during his tenure in Bharati Vidyapeeth. I taught him the subjects of Embedded systems, Microprocessor and Microcontroller and VLSI Design and supervised the practical sessions. I am currently designated as Assistant professor of Electronics and Telecommunication Department of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering, Pune.

During the course of my interaction with him, I have observed his persistent fervor for learning and grounded personality which makes him an endearing student. As a student he was very focused and dedicated to his assignments and finished them on time. He demonstrated excellent algorithm writing and coding skills with thorough understanding of hardware. His comprehensive approach helped him to write efficient and testable codes. He has taken a number of seminars in his college days and was invited for seminars while he was working with Idea Cellular limited. His knowledge of subject with lucid style of teaching made his seminars very informative and interesting.

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Other than his academics he actively participated in extra-curricular activities. He was associated with Electronics Students Association and was student Coordinator in Training and Placement department.  Asheesh is a reliable and disciplined person. Further he has the capacity of adapting himself to new and challenging environment.

On the basis of my interaction with Asheesh, I am convinced that has the requisite merit to meet the requirements of your graduate program. I think, above qualities and zeal of constant learning and improving would make him suitable for MS Program at your institution. With full confidence in his abilities, I strongly recommend Asheesh for his studies in your esteemed university.


Prof. Sudhir Bussa

Assistant Professor

Department of Electronics & telecommunication

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