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I am writing to
express my willingness for the senior marketing associate position available at
IXL learning San Mateo. If you are seeking to complete your marketing team with
an experienced and accomplished marketing professional known for breakthrough
results, please consider me for this position.

During my internship
at KMS solutions as a marketing associate, I was actively engaged in broad
areas of sales and marketing for a year. Perhaps most importantly, I maintained
friendly and professional interactions by networking opportunities. Moreover, I
work with customers to decide the best marketing approach for value creation.

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I’ve designed and executed potential marketing campaigns to attract the
greatest number of customers using different mediums.

Apart from that, I
have another 3 years of marketing and sales experience at Square Root Consultancy.

As Square Root Consultancy’s marketing representative, I was involved in
promoting new products and services through increased market penetration and new
market development. I relish brainstorming on innovative ideas and marketing
campaigns and project various situations from different perspectives. My
creative work enabled me to come up with company’s tagline- slogan, menu and
package designs. It also involved designing e-mails and presentations for
clients. I was very much compatible to work with other employees of the other
departments for merchandising and marketing to achieve targets. As an
experienced digital marketer, I possess knowledge and skills of various
marketing tools and social media channels and strategies that will enable me to
contribute towards the success of your renowned company.

Combined, I’m
confident in my ability to achieve similar groundbreaking marketing results for
IXL Learning. I am passionate to explore my skills and I hereby attach my
portfolio of my past experience and my resume. I look forward to speaking with
you. I am available by call to schedule an interview.

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