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I am Amritya Pradeep, a
prospective student aspiring to pursue Masters in Electrical and computer
engineering from your esteemed university.

Technology has always fascinated
me. Specifically the electronics stream which has affected all areas of
business in today’s world. Electronics is a continuously evolving field.
Electronic products/devices have affected every field like banking,
entertainment, communication etc. These devices have drastically changed the
lifestyle of human beings. That is why I chose electronics and communication
engineering as my undergraduate major.

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Since my school days I
had strong aptitude for mathematics and science related subjects. My
inclination towards science and mathematics help me to score eighty eight
percent in my senior secondary exams. In school, I was also involved in many my
extracurricular activities like playing table tennis, guitar, singing etc. I
even got a chance to represent my state in table tennis nationals from 30th
Dec 2009 to 4th Jan 2010. Table tennis has taught me three things
about life. First is that, to achieve something one has to remain focused and
disciplined. Second is that, sooner or later hard work does yield results. And
third is that failure is not the end of the world unless you stop trying.

I am pursuing my
Bachelor of Technology with specialisation in Electronics and Communication
Engineering at Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, Himachal
Pradesh, India. My undergraduate studies are highly instructive and motivating.
The classes I have taken gave me a firm grounding in the theory of electronics
and communication engineering. I am lucky to study under the professors who
always encourages me to dream big. The classes and laboratories I have participated
in help to strengthen my determination to spend my long-term career to this
area. As a result of my experience in the university, I have no doubt that I
would like to continue my studies beyond the undergraduate level.

Since the beginning of
my under-graduation I have been giving guitar and singing performances in my
university every now and then. I am a lead guitarist in my college band called “ROOH
THE BAND”. Performing on stage has helped in building confidence to attend
large audience. Although I enjoy performing but somewhere I feel that if had
focused my attention completely towards studies and not music, I could have
gotten better CGPA.

In our University we get
two months summer holidays after the completion of every year of under graduation.
In every summer vacation, I learnt something new. I did a JAVA programming course
in my first summer vacations. After completion of second year of my under
graduation I did an internship on Microcontroller
Based Embedded System Design. After completion of third year I did industrial
training at BSNL in transmission network & other telecommunication
peripheral, OCB-Operation & Maintenance of OCB Exchanges, Intelligent
Network & Broadband, and GSM BTS Technology.

These internships, trainings
and my under-graduation experience has helped me in expanding my knowledge and understand
my goals clearly. Currently my main areas of interest, but not limited to, are embedded
systems, computer engineering and signal processing. I strongly believe that
the masters in electrical and computer engineering from your esteemed
university will expose me to some great cutting edge technologies and research

My goal is to come back
to my country with adequate knowledge, long lasting friendships and experience gained
to contribute my part to this vast industry.


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