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I am Marry (fullname) – Professor –
Department of Computer-Science – St. Peters Engineering College, Chennai. I am
writing this letter to recommend my student P.M. Rujuvesh for the Masters in
Computer Science program at your esteemed university. My association with P. M.
Rujuvesh was through his study at St. Peters Engineering College, Chennai. I
have known him for over three years now and I have handled Computer Architecture,
Computer Networks and Computer Graphics courses during his third, fourth and
fifth semesters respectively. I have also guided him on the project: “Design and Evaluation of computing systems for a
specific customer sector.” I have known P. M. Rujuvesh to be a diligent
and hardworking student.

During the period that I taught him the
courses, I recognized that he had a passion for his subjects and was
self-motivated. His performance in this course puts him in the top 5 percent of
the class. He was also extremely observant and interactive during the lectures.
He was an active participant in class activities such as presentations and
debates. He also had an unparalleled ability to think outside the box. 

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“Design and Evaluation of
computing systems for a specific customer sector” was a challenging project as the team picked to work
with a contemporary concept and adapted themselves to the latest concepts used
in Computer Architecture. P.M.Rujuvesh made significant contribution with the
ideas involved in, during the years of my contact with P.M.Rujuvesh, I also
became aware of his involvement with the extra-curricular activities in
college. He was a regular volunteer at a U&I which is a Non- Profit
organization run by a group of
passionate young people who are committed to social change through education and I have always admired his passion
towards Social Work.

In summary, I can assure that he always puts
his genuine effort and perseveres to reach his goals. I believe that if given
an opportunity he has the potential to stand out and prove his worth.  I am confident that he would be successful in
pursuing the graduate program in your esteemed university. I convey my
wholehearted recommendation for this candidature. 

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