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I am writing to tell you why AMV BBDO should continue their connection with the Omnicom Group and why they have been a benefit to the company.AMV BBDO (also known as Abbott Mead Vickers) is part of the BBDO network within the Omnicom group. The company founded in 1979 by David Abbott, Peter Mead and Adrian Vickers.

The agency then joined Omnicom in 1991 and has been the top agency in the UK to date (Abbott Mead Vickers at 30, 2017). Since being founded, AMV has continued to increase it’s reputability as it has partnered with over 90 brands. Client’s would remark that AMV BBDO is best known for it’s ethos ‘creativity is at the core of our DNA’ as it was ranked number two in the world for its strategic and distinctive concepts (AMV BBDO, 2017). The agency has over 300 employees within a variety of departments all contributing to the agencies success. The departments vary from Design, HR, TV and Finance, to name a few.

The three most important people in the agency hierarchy are:Cilia Snowball, Group chairman and CEO. She oversee’s three companies in the AMV group which are AMV BBDO, Proximity and Redwood (AMV BBDO, 2017). She has worked with AMV for 20 years and has previously been awarded a damehood for her services in advertising, diversity and equality (Goodfellow, 2017).

Justin Pahl, Managing Director. He joined AMV in 2012 and regularly leads the BT account which he has done so for 6 years. He oversees the agencies performance and enabling the agency can adapt to the dynamic industry  (AMV BBDO, 2017).Alex Grieve and Adam Rossi, Executive Creative Directors. They have created award winning work for Snickers, Camelot and Guinness and have won awards including 4 D&AD Pencils, 1 One Show Gold and 2 New York Festival Golds. They work with all departments to oversee the creative process and provide guidance when it comes to executing the final product or service (AMV BBDO, 2017).AMV BBDO’s key clients include: BBC WorldwideSainsburysCamelotBTNotable ad campaigns:”People in your life” for the National Lottery”Get it right” for Currys PC World”Blood Normal” for Bodyform”Seize the holiday” for Virgin HolidaysThe Bodyform and Virgin Holiday advertising campaigns were the most favourable as having an insightful message to their target audience. The 2016 ‘Seize the Holiday’ advert entices customers to travel to their dream destination as Virgin researched and concluded that many people had aspirations to travel but often never fulfilled this.

AMV then created a campaign which showcased consumers travelling the world recording live videos ‘living the dream’. The live video element was successful as the audience could imagine and picture themselves as if they were actually aboard (Virginholidays, 2017). Similarly, the 2017 Bodyform advert was praised by many female viewers as it showed real-life scenarios of women dealing with their periods.

This included a woman asking for a pad around a dinner table at a dinner party and a male purchasing pads at a supermarket. The ad was startling as it was the first ad that dismissed the “blue liquid” that is often used to imitate period blood in many adverts whereas this ad reveals menstrual blood realistically for the first time (Kiefer, 2017).After closely following the news the past few weeks, I have observed potential events that may affect the agency in a positive or negative light. The positives I have witnessed would be is that AMV is a striving company and still remains strong after 40 years of being founded. It has proven to be an asset to the BBDO network as it has been nominated and won various awards such as the Campaigns Agency of the Year Award, The British Arrow Award and the Creative Circle Awards (AMV BBDO, 2017). Additionally, Charlotte Adorjan, one of the creative directors, was elected for the ‘World’s Most Creative Women Award’ in December 2017, which created a huge limelight and praised Charlotte for being one of the agencies benefits (The world’s most creative women, 2017).Moreover, in November 2017, AMV collaborated with the Mayor of London, to create the anti-knife campaign “London needs you alive” to discourage teens from carrying knives by highlighting the value they carry in society (Gwynn, 2017).

Creating this campaign underlined the agencies hidden values as they assisted with making a change to the wider issues of society. Alex Grieve and Adrian Rossi, both pointed out how challenging it can be when responding to briefs about diplomatic topics. However, the agency altered this perspective by giving adolescents an advert that many can relate to (Brewer, 2017). Similarly, in December 2017, AMV collaborated with Libresse, a feminine hygiene product brand, and offered three young filmmakers a £5,000 each to create a advert advertising female periods, this was judged by Cilia Snowball (Jardine, 2017). Both collaborations allowed the agency to grow its network on a wider scale.

Nevertheless, the negatives I have witnessed is Jonny Splinder, a former chief officer, resigned in November 2017 (Lee, 2017). The agency will be affected by his departure as he had an outstanding industry background specialising in many mediums whilst working at established agencies prior to AMV such as Glue London (Tylee, 2017). This will be a worry as prior to this, former chief executive, Ian Pearman, resigned in June 2017, and went to work at TBWA, one of AMV’s rivalling agencies. This then left the agency with a “big pair of boots to fill” however Cilia resumes the CEO role to help “steady the ship” (Lee, 2017).Now, you may be thinking, where does this leave AMV for the future? Will the agency continue to strive or will the company be a sinking ship? Presently, AMV could use their team of employees to their satisfaction.

In larger agencies such as AMV, departments are broken down for efficiency which allows more time to be spent on a deadline and better work produced for the client. Also, as many employees have won awards, it create a good image for the agency.Furthermore, the agency has been able to continue to grow it’s fanbase and create a good reputation. It is the top agency in the UK to date and has won many awards (AMV BBDO, 2017) which leads the agency to be highly ranked.

This will open doors for opportunities in the future. For instance, AMV could expand out of the BBDO network and increase their offices around the world. With the agency having a huge clientele, it could begin to even form joint ventures with companies within the Omnicom group. It would also have the opportunity to attract new talent from other agencies e.g to replace Jonny Splinder.Contrastingly, the agency could improve in many area’s if they wish to stay the top of the game in the industry. Competition would be a big threat as they have lost Sainsbury’s and Aviva in the past.

Losing clients could also be a result of the economy as many companies could go to other agencies (e.g startups) who are providing the same services for a cheaper price (Lee, 2017). AMV could avoid this by improving client relationships e.g providing discounts to long-term clients. Also, with much involving technology within the industry on a day-to-day basis, AMV may find it hard to stay relevant.

From analysing the diversity in the agency, this could also be an issue. Even though the overall employee’s are 50/50 when it comes to gender, there is still a massive division between the males and females in the heads of department roles. AMV BBDO is doing their best to rectify this as they are “creating a number of permanent half-time roles for female creatives in a bid to retain talent in its creative departments” (Jardine, 2017).

Ethnicity is also a problem as only 12% of employee’s are from BAME backgrounds. Diversity is critical in an agency as it allows them to:Create a workforce that is representative of the audiences AMV and it’s clients seek to serve.Improve their work by broadening their perspectives which allows innovation.Lastly, financially today, I believe AMV has improved and will continue to as even though the agency has lost many clients in the past which results in a major financial loss, and couldn’t secure a cheaper deal with their landlord so was forced to move to Omnicom’s office in 2015 (School Reports 2016: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, 2016), the company has continued to increase it’s Neilsons billings from £511m in 2015 to £516m in 2017 (Foster, 2017).To conclude, I hope this report was able to show you AMV is still a growing agency and has potential to continue to be the best it can be.

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