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 I am Robinpreetsingh, I live in Sultanpur Lodhi, punjab, India. I am a homoepathic physician.

Iam married to Sonam Rajput, She is also qualified homoeopathic physician.  I wish to pursue my study at “Western Sydneyuniversity – Department of health science” and my preferred area of study ismaster in public health. I passed outmy 10th standard from Punjab school education board. Further I havecompleted my 12th standard in medical science from same board.

I havecompleted my graduation in Bachelor of homoeopathy medicine and surgery fromGuru Ravidas Ayurved University, Hoshiarpur with 61%. After completion ofacademic study, I completed my internship at hospital situated withininstitute. I attended various seminars during my internship to enhance myknowledge and skill.

I also completed project work on one medicine. Afterperforming outstanding work in project, I became constituent of 5 member teamwhich plans community activities in institute. Along with study, I was alsoinvolved in extracurricular activities like volleyball. I have been always apart of volleyball team of my institute and In inter-college games our teamalways got top position.Aftercompletion of my graduation, I obtained required medical license from councilof homoeopathic system of medicine. Afterwards, I begin my own clinic “HomoeoHome homoeopathic clinic” in and started work as a physician. As a physician, Iplay role in analyse the medical condition of the patient and gathering medicalhistory, maintain accurate medical records and documents, strictly maintained confidentialityof patients, prescribe treatment options and answer their questions regardingthe disease and the treatment. I believe my clinical experience will aid in master study.

During mypractice in the clinic, I felt that a physician’s scope become very limited ifhe does not have proper knowledge in the area of management of health of people.I came to know that public health is most important aspect of medicine, Whichforced me to do further study in the field of public health management. AndMaster of Public health is a co-related subject with my previous study as wellas with my work experience. The public health course covers a wide range ofareas  including health care industry,public works and even public policy. Issues like high cost of healthcare systemcan be also managed by proper policy and strategy, which is also an importantpart of public health course. The knowledge of public health can prevent thedisease and bring solutions to health issues like no other field. So, I believein developing countries like India where there are medical and paramedicalfacilities not available for everyone; a physician must have root knowledge ofpublic health.

Ibelieve this course will help me to enhance my skills and removing thedrawbacks which I used to face during my clinical experience.Master inpublic health is also offered by many Indian institutes. But high competitionand reservation system in India makes admission to be tough in reputeduniversity. Additionally, the education quality provided by these institutes isnot as per as international standards and far less than overseas universities.And I think if someone wants to resolve a global issue, he/she must have a globallevel education. So my academic curiosity compelled me to study abroad. After a vast research on internet and from othersources, I aware that “The health and science department of Western Sydney University”is highly prestigious and WSU has great reputation for academic excellence andresearch.

Thus it comes under top 2% universities in the world. Even ERA 2015 showsthe excellence of WSU. So, I choose WSU in Australia to study master of publichealth.

Australia is globally recognized source of high quality education.Australia has 5 out of 30 best student cities in the world and Sydney is one ofthem.  Australia also provides betterfunding and scholarship opportunities compare to India.

Even If we talk aboutresearch work, major discoveries like Penicillin, ultrasound, Wi-Fi are resultof Australian innovation. Australia is multicultural and safe, so students cantravel without any fear.  I believe joiningcourse in WSU in Parramatta campus would be a best way for me to be enabled toemploy my personal qualities.My studies inpublic health will help me in a very long way. After completion of master inpublic health, I will join an organization and NGO to gain further experiencein this field. Thus after getting sufficient experience, I will return to myhome country and employ my learning in my clinic practice.

Which will certainlyhelp me to dealing with patients and I will be able to remove the obstacles whichI used to face during my clinical experience. Along with my business, I alsohave a desire to work in the field of public health. In India, people aresuffering from various diseases or conditions that are highly preventable indeveloped countries. Lack of awareness leads to increase in the number ofpreventable diseases and people remain untreated because of high healthcarecost.

 I believe through awareness andwith proper management, we can bring solution to these problems. I seek myselfas a establisher of global organization who will work in the field of publichealth to aware the people and managing the health issues and making this worldbetter for everyone.I aware thatI need extensive knowledge to achieve this goal. But I am assured, with myprevious experience in medical field and after completing master in publichealth, I can achieve this.Thanks forconsidering my application.I declarethat the particulars given above are true and correct in every detail.

Iunderstand that incorrect or misleading statements may result in refusal of myadmission and/or student visa application.

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