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I started
to learn martial arts when I was 6 years old. Today I am a Tang
Soo Do (Korean Karate) 3rd Dan black belt, Kukkiwon Taekwondo 2nd
Dan black belt and Shotokan Karate black belt holders. I went to the World’s
Tang Soo Do Headquarters in Seoul alone for training when I was 15 years old
and I went there again in January 2016. I won the Kedah state open Taekwondo
championship a few years ago. As
a martial art practitioner, it is inevitable that sometimes we are subjected to
injuries. I injured my knee during a practice session earlier this year.
Fortunately, with the help of technology and physicians, I recovered within two
weeks.  That inspired me to acquire the
abilities to help people to recover quickly so that our lives can be normal

Apart from the above incident, I was more motivated to
be a doctor after my grandfather had a blood clot in his brain 2 years ago. My
family and I visit him from time to time at the Econ Medicare and Nursing home.
Back then he could not even open his eyes but now he is able to smile whenever
we talk to him. Seeing him recovering from such a horrible condition really amazed
me. It shows the importance to have proper medical care.

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To be an
all-rounder, I joined several clubs in my college notably the Taekwondo club
and the Sky Adventure Club (SAC). I am currently holding the position of
Treasurer in the Taekwondo club. My Taekwondo team and I performed a demonstration
to promote our club. We worked as a team and we share ideas among each other.
Being a Quartermaster of SAC, I have many opportunities to provide first aid to
my fellow members whenever they are injured. Being a First Aider is an entirely
different experience as I need to handle various emergency situation and give
the right treatment.

I wish to learn
more about the medical profession so I joined the ‘Introduction to Medicine and
Health Sciences’ workshop and ‘Introduction to Clinical Skills’ workshop
organised by The International Medical University, Malaysia. In these
workshops, I learnt more about the professions of health care and basics life
support which might come in handy in the future days. After the workshop, I was
even more determined to pursue medicine as my future career choice.

A-level, I am taking the subjects that will enhance my learning towards the
field of health care. Biology will help me deepen my knowledge towards living
things specifically human anatomy and physiology which I am interested in.
Chemistry helps me to understand how particles react with each other on an atomic
level and the theory behind every reaction. Taking Mathematics and Physics
sharpen my skills on analysing each unique situation and applying the correct
solution which is essential in studying medicine.

I try to contribute more to the society as I grow up. For instance, I
volunteered in a Blood Donation Campaign. There were talks by doctors about the
examination for breast cancer and sexually transmitted disease. I even got the
chance to learn the way to measure blood glucose level. Every year my family
and I visit an orphanage to offer meals and pocket money.

In my
leisure time, I will keep track of the latest health care news on the internet.
I also follow a doctor on social media where he shares about some unique post-surgery
mortem he encountered. I plan to do doctor shadowing after A-level to have a
better insight of the daily challenges of a physician. I am a part-time model
and PADI certified rescue diver. I love to travel, play basketball, and swim.

I would be
honoured to have the chance to study medicine in a prestigious UK university.
It has been my sincerest goal to be involved in medical science. It would
definitely help me achieve my dream by granting me a springboard to an
outstanding career.


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