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I am writing to apply for the position of Aerospace Engineer
based on the email received from Airbus Helicopter’s Human Resources team on
January 15, 2018. I am currently enrolled at Mississippi State University and
will receive a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering in May 2019. As of now, I plan
to remain in the Mississippi area after graduation and I see this position as
the epitome of opportunities to further my understanding of aerodynamics and
apply the skills I have practiced during my study.

Regarding the open position at Airbus, certain abilities
were specified to be desirable for this position. I would like to state that I
am quite knowledgeable in the field of composite material layup and structural
build. Outside of those desired qualities, my communication and organizational
skills are unparalleled with the extensive training and years of practice
gained through my work experiences, academic studies, and nonprofit
organizations which you may find in my resume. Through my internship with
Airbus Helicopters I have demonstrated proficiency in three-dimensional
modeling with Catia software. Using Catia, I designed and printed a bracket
used in the Avionics Panel of a UH-145. Aside from the occasional
three-dimensional modeling, I spent most of my time at Airbus Helicopters
repairing any deformity, void, or malformation located on any given part of the
UH-145. Most repairs included, but were not limited to, deformations within
steel, aluminum alloys, and composite materials. My job was to assess a given
deformation, diagnose the cause, and write up a report in which a technician
could read and follow to repair the issue. My time at Airbus not only developed
my technical skills, but also refined my organizational and communication skills
through the numerous reports, meetings, and presentations I attended and lead.

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Thank you for your time and thoughtful consideration.  My contact information is listed above should
any questions arise. I hope to hear back from you soon.

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