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I. Introduction Drugs abuse, also known as doping is defined as the use of drugs or other substances to perform better during competition. It has been discovered for a very long time in relation with the development of organized sports. Doping in sports is said to be performance enhancing to the athletes but to discuss this topic in a wider spectrum, there are few reasons why doping in sports should be illegal which are disrupts the idea of healthy competition in sports organizations, the side effects of those drugs might mischief the health of those players who devour pills to the reason for execution and unhealed injury may worsen if drugs were use in sports.II. BodyA.

  One of the reasons why drugs should be illegal in sports is because it disrupts the idea of healthy competition in sports organizations.1) The stimulating agents tend to enhance aerobic and physical training endurance.a. Athletes consume androgens in order to improve their muscle strength and reduce fat mass (Claudia, 2007)b.

 The usage of testosterone and growth hormone increase sprint capacity. (Claudia,2017) 2) Most prescription drugs which attempt to enhance performance actually lacks effectiveness for the real purpose.a. Female athletes among youth are believed to experience delayed side effects which involved death reports of three athletes.

(Claudia,2017)b. Diuretics causes rapid weight loss but speeds up the urinary excretion. (Claudia,2017) B. Furthermore, the side effects of those drugs might mischief the health of those players who devour pills to the reason for execution. 1) Psychologicala. During World War II, androgens were used by some German troops to increase hostility (Wade 1972). Increased hostility may be an issue for some competitors, but for others, it is a must for them to consume the drugs so that it will enhance their capacity to train and compete in the competition. b.

 Too much libido may trigger irritability and recklessness. (Pope & Katz,1992)c. Research also reported that there is a case which people who faced depression also faced paranoid reaction after some time. (Wilson, 1974) 2) Infectiona. 2 reported cases of body builders who was infected by HIV as a result of sharing the injecting equipment can give a lesson to those drugs consumer. (Scott & Scott 1989,Henrion et al.

1992). b. Drugs can also lead to hepatitis transmission.c.

 Drug user may be at risk if the tools and products used in the procedures are contaminated. 3) Athletes were not fully mindful from claiming every last one of possibility dangers about prescription drug abuse. a.

 Athletes and trainers should be fully aware on the advantages and disadvantages of drug before consuming it (Alaranta et. al, 2008).  C. Unheal injury may worsen if drugs were use in sports.1) Approximately eight out of ten athletes reported that they use drug as an alternative to reduce and conceal the pain of the injury during performance. Players do not have choices as they still need to use the drugs or else the will suffer the pain while performing. 2) Drugs give the effect of not feeling any pain, masking the pain on the injured area and also avoiding further injuries that might occur.

 (Jenkins & Maese, 2013). a. The stress on an athlete’s muscle increased over time which lead to further severe injury in the future. This causes athletes to take NSAID to reduce the pain (Alaranta et. al, 2008). b.

 Most athletes with injuries were not fully healed but they still tried to have energetic physical performance under painkillers, remarkably causing them to be at a greater liability to faint, become tremendously sick or get injured (Alaranta et. al, 2008).     III. Conclusion Disrupts the idea of sports as healthy competition, the risk of significant major side effects which harm the athletes’ health and increased chances for further injuries are seen as the most logical and strong explanations why the usage of drugs in sports should be illegal in every country as it will deteriorate the quality of sports as an organization.


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