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I don’t have any social media. Every time someone asks me about it and I tell them that, they are shocked.

They have a million questions for me. We live in a world that believes that if you don’t have any social media accounts, you’re trying to hide from someone or something. That’s very weird to me. I feel like social media is a place where people go to be nosey.

People always want to know what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with. I’m a private person, so that doesn’t work for me. Also, I don’t believe that social media helps when you’re in a relationship. There’s always unnecessary drama as a result of social media. Kezar’s research is very informative. People are on social media networks because of shared interest. Some people go there to watch other people do their makeup or give reviews on make-up.

Others go to get coupons or learn about the deals that are going on for the week. The majority of people just have it because the people they know do. It’s definitely a way to stay connected in the world. The same goes for individuals that work together. People tend to gravitate to others that are from the same background or same department. Finnigan and Daly (as cited by Kezar, 2014), “demonstrated how a lack of bridging individuals (between principals and central office staff) resulted in a core-periphery structure that prevented communication, information exchange, and ultimately change in school reform” (p.103).

In order for the school or students to be successful, all staff members must work together. The lack of communication will only lead to confusion.I can see and understand why groups that trust each other are more successful. According to Kezar (2014), “change often entails taking risks, and people are more likely to take risks when they trust the individuals who are asking them to engage in risk-taking behavior” (p. 102).

If a new Director of Admissions comes in to an establishment and decides he wants to create a new program with the support of his staff, he’s likely to get some pushback. Those around him may not support his decision because they are not familiar with him or his plans. People are more likely to support the decisions made by someone they trust. It happens all the time.

Change is never easy, but it’s one of the most constant things in life.

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