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I have always been interested in how businesses are managed
which is why I want to pursue a course in Business Management. My enthusiasm
for business and finding out how they run originated when I visited my uncle’s
restaurant at a young age and learned how much work and effort goes into
running a business. I was particularly interested in the financial side of
running the business such as how they could control costs without affecting
sales and how a company might accurately predict their revenue.

For my GCSEs I achieved 10 A*-C grades, this included Maths (A),
English Language (B) and Business Studies (C). I believe these grades are
suitable as I want to pursue a course in Business Management as I feel that
Maths, English and Business Studies are very important if I want to do well and
start with a good understanding in the course. I also have always enjoyed Maths
and Business Studies as I feel that it has challenged me in ways that are
enjoyable but require effort for example these subjects often included problem solving
which I felt was challenging but satisfying to solve.

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I am currently doing Level 3 BTEC Business and my predicted
grades are D*D*D. This has helped me get a better understanding of how
businesses are managed and also strengthened my interests in how businesses are
run. For example, I have a better understanding of how different businesses
reach their target audience and about how they might motivate their employees
to improve efficiency. An example is companies like Apple provide monetary rewards,
such as a bonus, to help motivate their staff members. Furthermore, from
studying Level 3 BTEC Business I have learnt basic skills in both Economics and
ICT which I believe are very transferable skills that are useful across many
fields of work, including business management and accounting. I believe that
all of these skills will help me in a Business and Management course.

During my first year doing BTEC Business I was given a one-week
work experience placement in a recruitment company called PinPoint Partners. My
role included helping the administrator with any tasks that they were set such
as overseeing projects, managing groups and helping plan new projects. This
placement gave me a first-hand insight of how businesses operate and how you
are expected to act in a professional workplace. I was working in groups for
the majority of the time which helped me improve my ability to work in a team. It
also helped improve my leadership skills as I was able to see what effective
team leaders were doing in their groups.

I have a passion for playing and watching football. Playing
football regularly has helped me improve my leadership skills as there are
times when I have had to captain the team. It has also made me a more
determined person who works well in teams of different sizes and it has taught
me how I can raise team morale to help achieve an objective. I can play as a
goalkeeper, defender or a midfielder which shows that I am a versatile person
which I believe will help me in a business as I will be able to adapt to
different roles that I have been assigned. I believe these skills are highly
transferable and can help in a business environment.

In summary I believe I am well suited to a degree in Business
Management as I have a variety of skills that are needed for success in
business environments such as versatility. In the future I hope to have a job
in accounting or in finance which I believe can be achieved through a degree in
Business Management.

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