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I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Anna Kate Anderson, and I am a genetic counselor. I am writing in regards of your new daughter. I am very sorry to inform you that your daughter has Cri Du Chat syndrome. When the doctors were doing a genetic test and x-raying your daughter, we noticed that her chromosomes looked strange and she had a high-pitched cat-like cry so we took a closer look at her DNA chart. We saw that she was missing an arm of her fifth chromosome, which results in Cri Du Chat syndrome. Most cases of Cri Du Chat syndrome are not inherited, just like your daughter. The cause of Cri Du Chat is that sometimes while the sperm and egg are developing, cell deletion occurs. This caused the arm of your daughter’s fifth chromosome to delete and Cri Du Chat syndrome began to form. There is a one in twenty thousand to fifty thousand chance that a newborn will get this syndrome, which is why this syndrome is rare.The symptoms of Cri Du Chat syndrome are a high-pitched cat-like cry, mental retardation, delayed development, distinctive facial features, small head size, widely-spaced eyes, low birth weight, weak muscle tone while they’re babies, feeding problems, and delays in walking. Many babies with Cri Du Chat syndrome are extremely active and don’t get much sleep. Few children born with this syndrome that have serious lung defects and other serious medical conditions, but your daughter isn’t one of them. Treatments for Cri Du Chat syndrome are physiotherapy to help improve her muscle tone and speech therapy. There is no known cure but those treatments can certainly help her. Life for your daughter won’t be difficult if she learns manners, basic skills, goes to different doctors, speech, language, and socializes with other people. She will struggle in school but she can take special tests and get special tutoring if you, as her parents, can’t afford a special school for her. You can find a special doctor who can tell you about different plans or schools your daughter can attend.  Your daughter will still live a normal life expectancy. Several children have lived to be over fifty years of age. Life for parents with a child who has Cri Du Chat syndrome won’t be challenging if you take care of her correctly and follow the direction I mentioned above. You should also be willing to pay for any special tutoring or schools for your daughter. If your daughter were to have a child, the child would most likely not get Cri Du Chat syndrome because it happens because of cell deletion while your sperm and egg cells are developing. Only ten percent of children inherit this syndrome from their family and it is very rare. For additional support, you can go to different websites and doctors to ask any questions you still have about the syndrome and about how your daughter will cope with it.

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