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“I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist” is a fantastic informative book on apologetics. The author sets out to further the reader’s knowledge with evidence for Christianity in a very informative manner. After reading this particular book and all information therein my brain was overwhelmed with all the evidences for the existence of God. One should wonder after reading this book why scientist can actually believe that they exist because of some sort of big bang. The road runner tactic often employed in this book is very easy and effective to use. It is be used to put away with self-defeating statements such as “there is no such thing as truth.” The style of writing in this book made it also very difficult to put down. I constantly desired to keep reading and know more. The explanation of the concept of SURGE (S=Second Law of Thermodynamics U=Universe R= Radiation G=Great Galaxy seeds E= Einstein’s theory of general relativity) enhanced my belief that the universe must have been created by God. The logical reasoning behind the authors’ moral argument for God can be easily comprehended and also can be useful to reason with people of other faiths.The historical evidence for the New testament is indisputable and because of that the existence of Jesus needs no authentication (although they do prove his existence later on). Explanations on the Trinity and how Jesus, who had a divine nature, simply added on a human nature answers a question which i’m sure many have. There is so much evidence in this book that I first of all wonder how the authors were able to obtain so much information? Secondly with this information how can anyone deny Christianity as the one and only true religion? The book starts with the notion of truth, and moves through various lines of evidence for God, miracles, the New Testament, the resurrection, and the Bible and fittingly ends with answering tough atheistic questions.  The author starts each chapter off with a quote to fit the chapter such as on page 197 where they quote C.S. Lewis, “If we admit God, must we admit miracle? Indeed, indeed, you have no security against it. That is the bargain.” These quotes always seemed to capture me and keep me reading. It is so well written that I am not able to give any criticism whatsoever. Everyone on the planet should read this book.

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