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I worked part time as web content manager at the information technology unit, this started my flare for computing in the year 2006 while I was a part one student of Pure chemistry at Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria. My affinity for technology articles made me learn early of the paradigm shift from the industrial revolution age to the computing revolution age.Within me I felt an urge to enter the digital world and see how I can contribute my quota.Not minding loosing a  year I apply to study computer engineering in the same institution OAU.After graduation I was opportune to be employed by Venture Garden Group where worked on various challenging software projects which cut across the various sector of Nigeria’s economy such as the Vice President Monitoring dashboards, Lagos streetlight monitoring system, Power-collect for the power sector, Avi-collect in the aviation sector, Edu-portal for the education sectors to mention but a few, I considered Nigerian Vice President dashboard challenging as well as Interesting because of the various complex economic  and data science concepts I learnt in the process.The computing revolution has  led to an increase dependence on technology which has increased the rate at which data grow invariably large digital data  are being amassed daily through various means for example the social media, digital sensors,diversities of the communication systems, especially mobile devices,various system logs etc.The Vice President of our country sits and controls the affairs of the nation’s economy and due to the fact that my team has gathered data over the years from various government software applications, we are indeed a team to rely on when there was a need for such application.Based on this customized dashboards were developed by following all necessary data science principles up to the level of data visualizations, the challenges involve sharpening the way I think about data and the economy.

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