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I feel great about the results I received I scored a 17 on Are You Addicted to Technology which classifies me as Coffee Fiend. I was very honest and truthful as I answer every question to my ability.  I have to have my daily fix to function using technology. Certsin friends do call me a nerdy person because of my daily life and I know how to use technology in a more advance way.  I think the questions was on target and related to a person everyday life on how they use technology through out there daily life. The inventory was very accurate on describing me For example, I am guilt at refreshing my inbox over and over, just in case someone emailed me in the last 30 seconds it’s just a habit to keep refreshing my inbox. There are always two portable electronic devices within reach near me such as a laptop and a tablet. Technology has impacted my life I no longer need to carry books for my core subjects. Smartphones, tablets and e-readers have made it  more convient for me to carry books without me huritng my back. As a parent I have to  teach my children digital etiquette and warn them about dangers online and in the public. Email has become the primary means of communication in the modern workplace. The impact of technology on society is unexplainable, such as the internet, technology has had a huge impact on society. While not every advance has been a benefit, there have been many positive effects of technology. Technology has impacted education in so many ways. First technology has grew with the access to education students can learn from different place in the world through online education. Technology has its pros and cons effects. Technology depends on the way we use things. A person’s social skills usually get affected because they become so withdrawn from the outside world around them. Technology has enable us to make communication with family members and friends to build a relationship with our friends, collages, etc. Social media is helping us daily to stay in touch with friends, family, and long distance family members. Technology has help ease and comfort me I can study online while at home. In addition, Technology addiction isn’t always easy to recognize, especially since many people spend a lot of time using technology for work, school or for other reasons. Technology addiction is a growing problem, more people are relying more on technology throughout there course of life to function daily. 

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