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I consider my self just as a
young vibrant soul eager to meet life’s challenges, I am willing to work hard
to acquire certain goals that I define as important in life. As a first
generation Canadian the responsibilities are a bit demanding but underneath we
saw a rising future. The biggest motivation that I have ever gotten is from my
parents, they are willing to take any risks, they taught me to become a true
human being, since the first day of my life. Most of my childhood was in India,
the land of diversity. My childhood was not any different from any middle-class
families. But I have seen children at that age undergoing very different and
difficult situations to support their families. These sacrifices made me think,
I wanted to contribute for my community, that was when my parents told me that
we are moving to Canada. My plans were falling, I thought, I would not be able
to make a role.

The winter hailed us, the feeling
of home was missing, though it was hard for the first few months, the community
here had already made us a part and welcomed us. This attitude made me realize
that my dreams had a second chance, I chose to volunteer of every event and
show my gratitude. I believe that what you put is given out and carried out, being
human I trust, is not being only flesh and bones. Being sensible of others pain,
problems. Being aware for me is knowing what is happening in the world, is
caring about what’s going on, being aware is knowing and wanting to help. The
most important part of being human for me is not being indifferent. Not being
judgmental to others, indifferent to the environment, and not being unconcerned
to the problems we face today.

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Becoming humanitarian is an
essential human trait, it defines who you are. I chose to be a humanitarian
because I understand that all human situations that we share is regardless of
race, ethnicity, religion, and social status is the same. It’s working towards
common human goal and ensuring we support people with respect and dignity. This
idea means helping people who are suffering and saving lives any time any place
in the world. So humanitarian work requires being responsible, conscious of the
circumstances of other people’s lives, and helping them based on need, without
discrimination. These thoughts have had reflected my aspirations of becoming a
doctor. I think this job echoes my values and what I believe in.

Would others consider you a
humanitarian? Why or why not?           How
do you improve or hope to improve human welfare?                                                                                                                                         

People consider me as a loving
and caring young adult who is always willing to help in need, all these years I
have been volunteering in a geriatrics care home, and last year I started to
help the children in the Sunday schools 

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