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have chosen to discuss this painting,
from the year 1861 by “Frederic Edwin Church 1826-1900” (Our Banner in the Sky). This
is an “Oil paint over photomechanically produced lithograph” (Our Banner in
the Sky). I came across this painting by searching for paintings of the civil
war. This painting is part of an exhibit that can be seen at Metropolitan
Museum of Art of New York. Frederic Edwin Church was an
American landscape painter whose paintings were an inspiration of his travels.
His painting “Our Banner in the Sky is an enthusiastic and aesthetic reaction
to the Confederate assault on Fort Sumter in April 1861. This first clash of
the Civil War drove Abraham Lincoln to call for 75,000 servicemen to put down
what he called an uprising in the South” (Our Banner in the Sky). Here, painter
Frederic Edwin Church painted a vibrant shaded American banner in the sky as a
dynamic piece of nature at dawn. The main thing one can notice with this piece
is the shape of the American flag. Although there are no characterizing lines
that frame the banner, Church can give the misleading appearance of the banner
without it really being there. You can see how the small brushstrokes and shine
of the fog frame the stripes and the dark blue sky between the mists is speckled
with stars. You can also see how our nation’s bird fly’s over the lone tree
which resembles a flagstaff, advancing the transient scene with yet another
image of the American country. The landscape is balanced out by the trees in
the background. This combination of scriptural knowledge with dedicated
enthusiasm remained as a significant response against the spoiling of the
American flag.

“This thrilling visual leap of
creative ability is filled by pain of two wars. The bringing down of the Union
banner at Fort Sumter when the Confederates trapped the Fort in April 1861, the
starting war occasion, soon took after by the demise of Church’s companion,
Theodore Winthrop, the original Union officer war fatality. This astonishing
painting itself was alleged to be primary picture of war. Becoming the central
point of many devoted battles. The spilling shades of mists at nightfall and
the ritzy sky shape a substitute picture of the American flag. You can see how
Frederic combined some of the formal elements of art along with symbolism
throughout the painting. The stars in the sky speak to the stars of the banner.
The darker and lighter tones, the patterns and lines drawn of the trees and the
sky, but more so is the composition of colors used to give the sky that fiery
feel as the flag is revealed behind it” (Harvey, Eleanor Jones). 

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The Confederate side reacted by
bombarding the American banner and proceeded to the point that the Union’s
Major Robert Anderson brought down the American banner. Demonstrating their
dependability to the Union, Anderson and his troops saluted the flag and chanted
Yankee Doodle. Northerners were insulted about the disparaging treatment of
both the banner and the Union powers. The worn-out banner turned into an image
of the North’s flexibility and specialists utilized the picture in their work.
At the point when the war was finished, the flag was raised up again, finished
Fort Sumter in triumph

It was with incredible joy that I wandered the Metropolitan Museum of
Art situated in New York City (Virtually) and stumbled upon The Late Interiors
display of Frederic Edwin Church. In the wake of surveying the wonderful works
of this confounded, passionate artists, and learning about his hardships and
dedication to his work during the Civil War, I became more and more interested
on his painting “Our Banner in The Sky”. I had never look at Art in
this way. It is truly amazing to see how Art can affect the way one perceives
things and its ability to change and give strength in times of need. I was
delighted to learn how empowering Art really is and as a father I was happy to
know it is receiving more emphasis in schools.

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