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I cannot emphasis enough the Importance of achieving effective workingrelationships with family and significant others within social care. However,to analyse the importance of effective working relationships, it is necessaryto look closely at the way in which we interact with each other and todetermine how this might affect positive outcomes.  In the course of our workinglife, we have interactions with many people and the quality of thoseinteractions can have a profound effect, not only on our own health andwell-being , and our enjoyment at work, but also for those whom we interact.For our service users, we have a responsibility to ensure that these workingrelationships promote their best interests and work towards positive outcomesin their care package. People who use our service have spoken of havingconfidence and trust in both my team and their external clinical team.

Whenasked what they feel contributed to increasing their confidence and gainingtrust, the reply was, ?Good communication between themselves and theircare teams?Having a proactive style of working rather thanreactive. Communication is often the key to achieving positive outcomes.Communication not only between clinical teams, with service users and involvingtheir family or whomever they choose to be involved in supporting them in theircare and decisions about their care. (Providing the relationship is a positiveone and not subject to concern/safeguarding as has been the case in the past. If those providing the care to the person are not communicatingeffectively, are not working cohesively in the bests interests of the personusing services, and are not taking in to account their choices this can have aprofound impact on the person. Legislation and regulations are in place to ensure there are clearresponsibilities within the roles that we have in social care. They are inplace to ensure that the people using services are protected and that thoseproviding the care are fit and proper to do so. This enables the people usingthe services, their families, carers and so on to develop confidence in the systemand be aware of what to do and where to go should concerns arise.

 My mother has advanced dementia and is no longer able to live safely inher own home. The decision to place mum in to full time care was so hard andemotionally draining. I have now experienced the care setting from the otherside of the fence so to speak. I feel fortunate to have found an excellent carehome with values and vision that are important to me and mum. Care andcompassion but also an excellent understanding of the situation and the illnessmum has.

This has enabled me to develop the confidence in the home that theyare able to treat mum as an individual, care for her in a compassionate mannerand  being made aware of who and where togo to if things aren’t right . I know there is legislation to protect mum andenable me to act in her best interests as her power of attorney.  To remind ourselves of our role in social care, it is important toremember the Common Induction Standards Standard One which clearly outlines theresponsibilities and limits of our relationships with individuals in our care.

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