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I undertook and completed my first degree at the University of Professional Studies – Accra in August, 2017. I chose BSc Marketing for my first degree, which gave me the exposure to the world of Business. Academically, I believe that I have a solid foundation from childhood, which I can build upon with this master’s programme. While in school, I worked as an intern at Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) for 3 months. For 4 years, I have been volunteering with a youth empowerment NGO known as IHAV (I Have A Vision) Foundation. I am a clear headed and ambitious individual. Currently, am running a startup with a friend called Edziban Hub and I need the to be in the right position to make certain decisions. To cope with current trends and changes, a further academic education is very important in order to understand market properly. I feel that a masters course will help me attain this knowledge and provide me with the essentials of being a successful manager on the various engagements I encounter on a daily basis.During my high school days, I served as the Senior Boys prefect and the president of the Students Representative Council (S.R.C.). At the tertiary, I was the course representative of the marketing class. With this and other extra-curricular activities, I naturally assumed the role of team leader as I have always had the respect and trust of my peers, and I have very much enjoyed being in a position of responsibility. I have undertaken many activities which have shaped my perception and given me an idea of what I hope to achieve in the future, not just in my personal life but in my business and other organisation that am involved with as well.I believe I have the intellectual ability to complete a Master’s Degree and I have illustrated my drive, ambition and dedication to do this is many ways. I have great leadership skills. I am capable of working as part of a team as I have developed the initiative and ability to follow instructions. Hult International Business school is the best place for me to develop and become the successful entrepreneur that i hope to be in future. There are so many marketers out there and in order for me to stand out, i have chosen to further my studies at Hult to keep me apart from my colleagues in the industry. 

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