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I am an Electronic and
telecommunication Engineer by profession and have graduated with distinction.
Currently working with Sungard Availability Services, I am responsible for
Quality audit processes, Decommissions,
phases of networking, implementation & testing of various devices and hands
on different technologies. I am one
of the two engineers working at sungard who was promoted within 2 years of my
service owing to my excellent performance in the company. During engineering I
was also a part of the Robotics team and have organized ‘ROBO-SOCCER’ an
inter-engineering event for which the participation and footfall was around 700+.
I have also been a part of Fashion Show in my college and have represented my college
in ‘Sinhagad Karandak’. Also I have represented and won many inter-school and
inter-class Basketball and Throw ball tournaments.  

Due to my proactive participation
and interest in diverse sections, I wish to explore more and more opportunities
and broaden my horizons and gain a fresh perspective to become a successful leader in the global business environment.
I hope that getting this scholarship will help me economically and I can
utilize these funds in exploring more extracurricular options in Singapore and
also maybe pursue a CFA gaining a deep knowledge in finance.  I wish to utilize my spare time during my MBA
to learn a new foreign language and these funds will help me bare the expenses
for the same.

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I believe, I deserve to be selected for Nanyang’s
scholarship because as a dedicated student I commit myself to make the most of
this opportunity that the scholarship will provide me. Besides, I am a student
that does not only persistently work hard academically, but also I constantly
try to improve society’s quality of life by doing volunteer work. I have also
been a part of many blood donations, tree plantation and cleanliness drives in
school and during graduation. I know education is the key to success, and hence
I try to connect my passion for education to help the society as a whole.

I can assure you that I will be persistent and will work hard
until I achieve my desired career goals. I hope to become one of your
foundation’s scholarship recipients, so that I can chase my goals and someday work
as a contributor towards this scholarship  in the future as a funder to help students
like me to grow into a successful finance professional.

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