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I believe that I will greatly benefit from
continuing my teaching career in an urban setting because of the challenging
environment. I additionally believe that an urban teaching setting would be beneficial
because I would get to work with a diverse group of students. Urban schools
also face a plethora of challenges and need teachers that push their students
to excel, which if given the opportunity I am confident that I can accomplish
this feat. I
am applying to Queens College because of the astounding reputation the college
has in the city and Long Island. I am also very interested in the Master of
Arts in Teaching English program at Queens College because of the advanced
courses that the program offers. I have seen your partnership teaching
programs, and I am very interested in continuing my career in the New York City
Department of Education. I have looked at some of the schools that are
partnered and found them to be ideal teaching placements.

enjoyed seeing that the schools are striving for equity for all students within
their schools. I am currently a Teaching Fellow at a non-profit organization
and have completed my undergraduate English degree at SUNY Geneseo. My ultimate
goal is not only to be a New York State certified teacher but an excellent one.
I read your program description, the Dean’s Welcome Letter, and reviews from
alumni which assured me that this graduate school is for me. I especially
enjoyed the fact that the graduate course is willing to accommodate part-time
enrollment and work schedules. I currently work for Citizen Schools, and I am
teaching at a District 13 school in Brooklyn, New York. During my fellowship at
Citizen Schools, I worked in both Harlem and Brooklyn middle schools for the
past two years.

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middle school that I currently work for focuses on a restorative practice model
and holds a mantra that “everyone has a seat at the table.” My experience at
this school is one of growth within communicating, building meaningful
relationships, and holding students accountable. In my short career as a
facilitator, I came to learn that it is important not only to teach lesson
content but to create real-life teachable moments that will be memorable. I
have also built many relationships with different students throughout my two
years and know that I made an impact on my students. The students in return
have made an impact on me and made me into a better educator. Completing my
Master’s Degree is my goal for this coming year, and I believe that your school
can help me more than accomplish that goal, but make my core skills as future
teacher stronger due to your rigorous curriculum. I will attach all necessary
paperwork that the Graduate Programs application requires. I appreciate your
time and consideration.

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