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Hungry Box Online is an e-commerce based food business. We specialized in selling Gourmet foods you can order at a restaurant but cheaper.  The e-business will provide trade and other services over the online networking world. This organizations will include e-purchasing and e-commerce sales. The two technology techniques will decide how the venture will get orders from the customers. The current information must be in a configuration that will permit computerized preparing into EDI-type deals, for example, the utilization of Extensible Markup Language (XML) or Electronic Data Interchange.

Types of Data to be Collected

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“E-commerce is in personalization. But you can’t improve your customers’ online shopping experience (or retain existing customers) without understanding what it is they want in the first place — which means you need to be understanding, and then acting, on whatever data you’re collecting.” (Gerber, S. 2013).  The e-business should comprehend the desires and area of the customers previously serving their requirements and needs to connect with types of food they like and the culture (if any) they celebrate. As to this, the group of specialists will gather the

·         psychographic  

·         statistic data including age, sexual orientation (male/female),  

·         addition geographic area.

·         Types of food they like and enjoy

Under psychographic data, the experts will accumulate information on buying patterns, lifestyle choices, types of foods they like. Demographic and psychographic data, contact information will also must be gathered. This will incorporate address, telephone number, email and online networking IDs. The contact points of interest will be valuable with regards to sending messages and updates. Over the long haul, Also, will utilize the contact details elements to concoct a detailed profile of potential clients. The profile with be used in the production of target showcase design. Likewise, to help with installment, credit data will also will be gathered.

 Different types of information to be gathered will include:

·         Engagement Data: as the interaction between people across a range of social networks.

·         Acquisition Data: Data acquisition is defined as the process of collecting and organizing information.

·         Conversion Data: Information on the general execution of the endeavor with respect to benefits and income.

(Pauleycreative, P.2015)

Data Collection Mechanisms

To gather the data, a group of experts will utilize registration forms. Among the forms that will be used is the “contact” form, event registration forms, purchase request forms, speculative enrollment forms that request clients’ credit card numbers and, shopping carts purchases. The forms will have exceptional protection and security highlights to guarantee no approved people approach customers data. The registration forms will be supported by exclusive arrangements and outsider parties which are more secure. The of gathering the data, will oversee its classification and security. This is the essential motivation behind why the information will be facilitated on a third-gathering supplier’s system.


Information Acquisition Standards, Security, and Privacy

Before gathering and putting away the data with respect to our clients’ credit cards, we will build up a certified website as stipulated by PCI and SSL’s guidelines. Once the site page is made, we will contact a confirmed outsider installment specialist third party including PayPal. Since the organization is certified, they will deal with the online business installment forms securely.

The website is responsible for gathering clients’ data will gather the data with a Security in the application layer (SSL) security testament. SSL certificates have a key pair: a public and a private key. These keys work together to establish an encrypted connection. The certificate also contains what is called the “subject,” which is the identity of the certificate/website owner (Digicert ,2018) This will shield the website from any type of harm since the SSL will confirm every one that will visit the page. We will purchase special certificate from the company PayPal to ensure that the site is secured and safe.

Acquiring credit card information is Hungry Box will follow the guidelines of the (PSI-DSS) Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Which will help customers and protect payments, information, theft, breaches of data from any harm.

Any substance that stores, forms or transmits installment cardholder information must be consistent with the PCI DSS. This incorporates traders (on the web/blocks and mortar); specialist co-ops, who have E-business applications or go about as payments; communication organizations, who give facilitated administrations that incorporate discussions where card subtle elements are recorded and lastly Payment Service Providers

PCI-DSS is an exclusive data standard that is reasonable for dealing with cardholder data for ATM, POS, paid ahead of time, credit and charge cards. It will at last increment controls around the cardholders’ information which will consequently diminish instances of charge card extortion achieved by presentation.

The PCI DSS 12 requirements are as follows:

·         Install and maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data.

·         Do not use vendor-supplied defaults for system passwords and other security parameters.

·         Protect stored cardholder data. 

·         Encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks.

·         Use and regularly update antivirus software. 

·         Develop and maintain secure systems and applications.

·         Restrict access to cardholder data by business need-to-know. 

·         Assign a unique ID to each person with computer access. 

·         Restrict physical access to cardholder data.

·         Track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data. 

·         Regularly test security systems and processes.

·         Maintain a policy that addresses information security

(Rouse , M.2018)

Data Management Systems and Techniques

Since the company is expected to oversee enormous measures of data including databases, messages, Word records, and video, it needs a compressive analysis system. We will utilize Big Data Analysis system to take part in data mining where the log records will be examined to take in the client conduct in the E-business system. 

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