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Human rights did not come to exist and well known until the end of Second World War which member state in United Nations propose the idea to respect human right. On December 10, 1948 The Universal Declaration of Human Right (UDHR) was created and adopted by 56 member states of United Nations (“Short History of Human Rights,” n.d.). Non-governmental organization has played key roles in order to propose the value of human rights in some developing country like Cambodia, for instance. Intergovernmental organization, Non-governmental organization in the process of globalizing human right, it lead to have the establishment of norm, institution, mechanism, and activities in order to support their ideas. For example, Human Right Watch that created in 1978 where have headquarter located in New York, the United States. They work to promote human rights and justice around the world, as like as philosopher and political aspect they value the idea of human rights, social constructivist give the value of idea rather than materialistic thus state start to value idea of human rights. Before state practiced the realist and liberalist they prefer materialistic contrast to social constructivist put affords to idea and in the modern generation after world war the raising of human rights are growth. Since there were a lot of non-governmental organization working on the human rights issues unless did not has the participant from states their action will not archive, because of state is the one who consist territory, population and especially it legitimate the mandate of non- governmental organization legally. For instance, the establishment of Human Rights Watch that located in The United states was not successfully if do not has approval or participate from state. In case of United States, the democracy country try to promote human rights to other part of the world seen effective and form of dominant to other country. So event non-governmental have potential promote the activities in their own, if it has no power or join hand from state the activities still not work at all.

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